benefits of freelancing
Benefits of Freelancing Over Traditional Work

Benefits of Freelancing Over Traditional Work Freelancers are poised to make up more than half of the U.S. workforce by 2027. If you (like so many other skilled professionals) are thinking of turning towards a full-time freelance career, you may be wondering what’s in it for you. Why are more and more people choosing the […]

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Legiit Weekly Roundup 11/7/2019

    Good Afternoon! Welcome to this week’s roundup. Legiit Affiliate Program Update Effective 11/8/2019 Legiit’s affiliate program will undergo some minor changes. Affiliate Commissions will only be paid to an affiliate who has previously purchased from a seller they are referring. Essentially an affiliate will not be able promote a service from a seller […]

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How to Fail at Freelancing (Or 5 Reasons Businesses Fail)

How to Fail at Freelancing (Or 5 Reasons Businesses Fail) We are all about building motivation and discipline here at Legiit. We’ve published tons of articles covering all manner of tips for freelancers. But this post is gonna be a little bit different. We’re gonna look at the reasons businesses fail. In short, this is […]

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work efficiency tips
4 Work Efficiency Tips for Freelancers

4 Work Efficiency Tips for Freelancers Every minute counts as an entrepreneur. Unlike working a typical office job, you aren’t getting paid during your coffee breaks or “inspiration” sessions (you know, playing Solitaire). Time is money for a freelancer, and this list of work efficiency tips will help you squeeze the most out of every […]

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Legiit Announcement

When we launched Legiit in February 2018 we had one simple goal; to put our experience using freelance marketplaces, both as a customer and as a freelancer into our own marketplace that fills the needs that other marketplaces don’t. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve had our share of setbacks, but we think we […]

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Customer Service Guidelines for Freelancers

Customer Service Guidelines for Freelancers As a freelancer, you have to wear a lot of hats: financial officer, marketing expert, project manager, chief dishwasher (okay, maybe not that last one). You are your own boss after all, and any business owner can relate to the seemingly endless list of responsibilities you’ve got to take on. […]

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New Feature Announcement

Premium Seller Tools!   After months of development we are finally prepared to announce the launch of a toolset that will help our freelancers better serve their customers, and give them the ability to grow their freelance business and income.   Being a premium seller will give a freelancer the freedom to offer advanced marketing […]

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