Anchor Text SEO: The Ultimate Guide & How To Stay Safe

Anchor Text

Backlinks are the most sold services on Legiit.

But purchasing them and using the wrong anchor text can lead to tanked rankings… or even worse Google penalties.

Yeah… not good.

But throughout this Anchor Text SEO guide, we’re going to walk you through the best practices for keeping your website safe.

What Is Anchor Text, and Why Is It Important?

Anchor text simply refers to the reader that highlights the link to a page – as you can see in the example below.

The reason it’s important is that it’s a ranking factor. And if the links pointing to your pages include the keywords you want to rank for, it boosts the relevance.

So far, so good.

But the issue that many sites have is that they overdo it, which can lead to negative outcomes like penalties. This is because Google will recognize you as being behind all the links you built.

That’s why it’s crucial that the anchors on the links you build are NATURAL.

Don’t worry. Later on, we will walk you through the suggested methods for this.

Common Types of Anchor Text

Types of Anchor Text

Before we jump into ways to diversify your anchor text, let’s look at the different types.


As the name suggests, the exact match is when the same keyword you are targeting is the anchor text. This can have a positive impact on your rankings, but you mustn’t overdo it.


  • Main Keyword: Best Running Shoes for men
  • Anchor Text: Best Running Shoes for men


A partial match is similar to an exact match, with the difference that only one part of the keyword is used. This is natural because not all of your backlinks are going to use all of your keywords.


  • Main Keyword: Best running shoes for men
  • Anchor Text: running shoes 2021


Branded anchor text just contains your brand’s name and usually has nothing to do with your keyword.

Example (using Legiit.com)

  • Primary Keyword: Buy PBN links
  • Anchor Text: Legiit

Branded + Keyword

Branded + keyword is simply a mix of the branded anchor text plus the keyword. This is also an excellent way to mix it up, and Legiit SEO experts like SaketWahi have mentioned that this approach works exceptionally well for them.

Example (using Legiit.com):

  • Primary Keyword: Buy PBN Links
  • Anchor Text: Legiit’s PBN links

Naked link

The naked link is simply just the URL copied and pasted. Some sites link to other websites like this, so having some of these is very natural too.


  • URL: https://legiit.com/categories/seo/backlinks
  • Anchor Text: https://legiit.com/categories/seo/backlinks


Generic is another way of mixing up your anchor text so that it’s natural. For example, sometimes, when sites link to you, they will not use any keywords – but use generic terms such as “click here,” “view more,” or “find out more.”


  • Main Keyword: Best running shoes for men
  • Anchor Text: Click here


Finally, you can also link to another site using an image, in which case the image will be the anchor text. This is also another “tool” you can use to keep your anchor text natural and diversify it.

Anchor Text Ratio Guidelines

The standard advice in the industry is just to “keep it natural,” which leaves a lot of space for interpretation. But even if there was a golden ratio that you should follow… it wouldn’t work in the long term because then every SEO would use it.

So it wouldn’t be natural but a dead giveaway.

 Ratio Guideline

This is a general guideline of what your anchor text may look like. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow any anchor text religiously – just make sure you aren’t using too many keyword anchors that Google gets suspicious.

  • Branded = 50-70%
  • Naked 20-30%
  • Generic = 5-10%
  • LSI, Partial Match & Titles = 1-10%
  • Exact Match 1%

Copy Your Competitors

Just like in so many other aspects of SEO, copying your competitors is one of the most effective strategies. For example, with your anchor text, one approach you could take is checking what anchor text your competitors that are ranking have used and copy their ratios.

The only thing to keep in mind is that anchors can lead to unnatural link penalties. So even if it seems like they’ve gone extremely heavy, you may consider taking a different approach.


Co-occurrence is another excellent little method that you can use to boost the relevance of the sites linking toward you without using it in the anchor text. This is simply the process of adding in the keyword close to the anchor text.

From here, Google will figure it out and make it more relevant.

Plus, you could even go one step further – depending on how much control you have over the sites linking to you and add it in the image alt tags, meta information, etc.

Note: Most Link-sellers on Legiit do this for you. But you can always ask them first as well.

How To Check Your Existing Anchor Text Ratios

If you’ve been building links or just want to check out a competitor’s anchor text ratio – you can use this guide below. For this tutorial, we use Ahrefs. However – you can use whatever SEO software you prefer.

  1. Open Ahrefs
  2. Open Site Explorer
  3. Enter the page URL you would like to check
  4. Click “backlinks”
  5. On the left-hand sidebar, click on “anchor texts.”

Then Ahrefs will look at all your links and most commonly used anchor text ratios. Of course, you can also do this with other tools like SEMrush, Majestic, or whatever tool you use.

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How To Dilute Your Anchor Text

As seen in the earlier section on ratios, keyword anchors should usually only make up around 1-5%. But, of course, if you’d only stick to the most authoritative links like guest posts, this would get pretty expensive.

But the good news is that there are services with which you can dilute your anchor text quite quickly. We’ve explained two of our favorite options below.

Press releases

Press releases are one of the best ways to dilute anchor text because you build hundreds of high-authority links simultaneously. These links come from news sites like Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, or affiliates of CNBC, FoxNews, and many more.

You can check out the two most popular press release services below.

1. Spine PR – Boost Your Rankings Today – Check it out here

Press releases to dilute anchors

2. 38 Digital Market – Elevate Your Brand & Reputation – Check it out here

Foundation links

Foundation links are another excellent option because they give you 100’s of natural, branded anchor text links – which sets you up nicely to use your more powerful links on keyword anchor text.

You can check out the best-selling foundation link package on Legiit here.

MissingLink – Branded Foundation Links – Check it out here

Branded foundation links to dilute anchor text

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