Are You Too Busy? Probably Not. (And Here Are 4 Signs Why)

are you too busy

Are you too busy?

Would you grow this part of your business if only you had more free time?

Would you spend more time working towards that goal if only you didn’t have so much on your plate?

While there is always the slim possibility that you are—in fact—too busy, there is usually a much better explanation for why you aren’t achieving your dreams. Whether it’s inefficiency, procrastination, or a lack of priorities, our supposed “busyness” goes by many names.

So let’s look at 4 signs that you probably aren’t as busy as you think you are.

#1 You Have Time To Binge Netflix

Let’s start with the one that’s probably gonna hit most people where it hurts: excessive leisure time. Do you have time to watch a whole season of Star Trek this weekend? Or to spend 3 hours a day playing Fortnite? Or catch up on your timelines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

And technology isn’t the only guilty pleasure that sucks time away. You can be equally wasteful by binge reading, partying too much, or even spending time with family. Everyone has different distractions that will tempt them away from working towards their success.

It’s not that an entrepreneur can’t have a life. It’s not that you need to abandon your family. It’s not that games and movies and social media are the devil. It’s just that you need to take control of your leisure time so that it doesn’t take control of you. 

The Real Problem: You have trouble with moderation.

So it’s not that you’re too busy. It’s just that you have trouble moderating yourself. The cure, in this case, is balance. A good way to find it is to track how you are spending your time for a week or two. 

This will provide you an objective look at just how much time you are spending on leisure. Then you can determine how much extra time you could be allotting towards your goals. If you realize, for example, that you spend an average of 12 hours watching TV every week, you have very little room to complain about being busy.

#2 Your Inbox is Neat and Tidy

Do you have a spotless email inbox?

No message stays unread for more than 10 minutes. There’s a folder for everything. Everything that doesn’t need to be saved is promptly deleted. Even the junk folder is tidy!

Keeping your inbox nice and neat might give you a sense of satisfaction or stave off your OCD, but it probably isn’t helping you achieve your goals. And, if you can spend hours a day ensuring that you don’t have a little red bubble on your mail app, you probably aren’t actually too busy.

The Real Problem: You are looking for ways to fill time.

We aren’t saying that you should leave important emails unanswered for days. And we aren’t saying that your inbox should be a disorganized mess.

But if you have the time to keep it spotless for no reason, then you are wasting time. And if you check your email every time your phone dings, then you are probably constantly distracting yourself from more important tasks.

There are a few solutions you can implement to avoid messyinboxphobia:

  • Add email checking to your schedule. Try to spend 15 minutes, twice a day, in your inbox. Not a second more.
  • Disable desktop and mobile notifications for your email, as well as the “unread messages” bubble if you can.
  • Set up automated filtering so that you don’t have to waste time manually organizing your email folders.
  • Hire a virtual assistant to deal with the low priority emails that don’t really need your attention.

#3 You Do Everything Yourself

If you have a hand in every single step or process of your business, you probably feel like you’re the busiest person in the world.

But, you’re not.

Really, you’re just wasting your time. Once you get to the point that your schedule is so filled up with fulfilling orders that you can no longer focus on strategy—that’s when it’s time to start building a team.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, your first priority should always be finding opportunities to push your business to the next level. To land more sales, launch new services, or enter into new markets. You can’t work on your business if you are stuck in your business.

The Real Problem: You struggle with delegating tasks.

So it’s not that you’re actually too busy. It’s just that you need to free up time by delegating tasks.

Instead of continuing to drown in your business, find talented freelancers on Legiit who can take some of the most time-consuming work off of your hands. If you’re an affiliate marketer, hire out the content creation. If you’re a web designer, get someone else to do the graphic design or pagespeed optimization. If you own a small business, let a pro handle your SEO and social media marketing. 

Remember. Just because it needs to be done doesn’t mean you need to do it yourself.

#4 You Complain About Being Busy

Maybe the worst of the worst are the people who feel so busy that they complain about how busy they are. Sometimes, these thinly veiled complaints are more of a “busy brag”. They feel good about not having any time because it makes them feel like they are accomplishing something.

Meanwhile, plenty of other people are out there actually taking action instead of talking about it. That’s why busy bragging and complaining are such a problem. Because instead of addressing the root cause, you’re just kicking tires.

The Real Problem: You aren’t hungry enough for success.

The people who really want to achieve their goals and grow their businesses aren’t going to let anything stop them. They don’t complain, they correct. When they recognize a hurdle, they don’t stand there and moan about it. They find a way over it (or around or under or through!).

So if you find yourself complaining about being too busy, or using it as an excuse for not getting something done, just stop yourself. If busyness is your hurdle, do something about it. Cut something out that is eating up your time, buckle down, and get more stuff done.

So are you too busy? After reading this post, we think you know what the answer is.

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