Benefits Of Legiit Premium: A Complete Breakdown

Legiit premium is exactly what it sounds like: a level of stamped superior quality that fetches Legiit-ers more sales. So, if you have already completed some orders and gotten a few reviews, believe us, this level is where you want to be. It is what separates the top-sellers from the rookies on Legiit.

Perhaps that sounds too good to be true, here is proof:

The top 3 sellers (as regards the number of orders completed and 5-star reviews) on Legiit are premium sellers. But hey, seeing is believing, huh? Have a look at the premium stamps yourself:

Benefits of Legiit Premium: Join the Top Sellers on Legiit

So, what do you think? Are you ready to be in the big leagues? Would you love to offer your clients exclusives and be more professional about it?

If you answered yes, Legiit premium is the way out. The best part: it’ll only cost you $27 per month. Besides, we’d rather have you think of it as an investment than an expense.

That said, what can you expect from this investment?

If you’re new and just finding your feet on Legiit, it might be best to read this post first!

The Top 7 Benefits of Being A Legiit Premium Seller

Selling Analytics

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to see how much traffic your services get? How many buyers added your deals to their carts? More importantly, how do all those details happen monthly?

If you wonder about those questions, a Legiit premium subscription can satisfy your curiosity. The first benefit of this subscription is that it provides deep insights into your views and “add to carts.” And perhaps that sounds abstract; let’s explain how that helps you.

If you are getting enough traffic with less conversion, you would know whether to tweak your sales page or offer a discount. More importantly, you’d know which of your services brings in more work and which one needs more attention to increase your earnings.

And say you’re not getting enough traffic, you’d know what steps to take. Perhaps such action would include changing your thumbnail, participating more on Legiit Monday, or promoting your services. Either way, you won’t stay idle anymore waiting for sales when you can be proactive with a Legiit premium subscription.

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User Accounts

What happens when you eventually get more sales than you can handle? Or isn’t that the goal, to always have a steady stream of work to keep you busy and earn more?

The way out is outsourcing some of your jobs or even building a team. And fortunately, Legiit premium subscription can help with that.

With this subscription, you can add team members or virtual assistants as sub-users under your Legiit account. When you do, they can directly assess the details of your orders, submit them, and even answer the queries of your customers.

More importantly, they (the sub-users) would get notifications on new messages and orders just like you. In other words, you won’t slack regardless of how many orders you get on Legiit.

But wait, wouldn’t user accounts mean that your sub-users have access to your financials and make unapproved withdrawals?

No! Legiit subscription limits sub-users accessibility across your profile. Yes, they can handle your orders and messages. But that’s about all they can do. The financials and earnings are off-limits – cheers!

Canned Replies

Earlier, we talked about how you can add your team members as sub-users on your Legiit account. Even at that, not all of them might have your dexterity in managing your clients’ inquiries. So, what if we tell you that you don’t have to worry about that?

With a Legiit premium subscription, you can have canned replies for all your frequently asked questions. Questions aside, you can also have canned delivery messages. With such options, you and your team can maintain uniformity in how you manage customer inquiries.

And mind you, canned replies don’t mean you can’t edit your messages. You can personalize the replies to your customers just before you send them. When you do, your customers would respect your fast response and drop you more orders.

Bundled Services

Canned replies would only get so far with customer experience. The height of customer satisfaction is to make buying from you superfast. And fortunately, Legiit premium subscription understands that. That is why it allows you to create a bundle of services for your clients.

Confusing, eh?

Bundled services are like an aggregate of closely related services you can sell at once to your client. For example, say you are an eCommerce expert. You can have a bundled service that includes:

  • Ecommerce store design,
  • Product description writing, and
  • Product research and upload

With such a package, you will significantly reduce the time customers would spend buying your services separately. On the bright side, this means you’ll sell more at a go – more work, more money!

Recurring Services

Benefits Of Legiit Premium: Recurring Servicesm

Another similar way to reduce the buying process for your customers like “bundled services” is with the “recurring services.” And that’s another of the offerings of Legiit premium subscription.

And do you know the best part of recurring services? It allows you to merge your services into one and bill our clients on that monthly. Now, instead of your one-offs, recurring services will ensure that you’re getting assured work per month.

Pro tip: if you sell SEO services, you definitely should consider recurring services. SEO never ends even when you’re number one on search engine result pages. When you set such a service as a monthly package, you wouldn’t even need to bother your clients about new sales anymore.

Volume Discounts

Credit: SaketWahi

Everyone loves discounts; why else would black Friday pull so many sales all around the world? And even with that knowledge, we’d still advise you to be strategic about your discounts. How so?

There is no point in putting up discounts for one-off services. Instead, aim at volume discounts – something like buy 3 and get 5% off. And think about it, that’s way more profitable.

For example, imagine you are selling a service for $100, and you gave out a discount of 15%. When you remove the latter, you’d be left with $85. On the other hand, say you discount 15% when your customers buy *3, you’d make $255 – the same $85 per order. But you would have convinced your customer to buy more – cheers!

However, note that volume discounts are only possible with a Legiit premium subscription.

Extra note: if you are offering volume discounts on your services, steer clear of one-off discounts. Else, you would counter your marketing strategy to earn more.

Affiliate Marketing

By now, you should know that Legiit offers various affiliate marketing opportunities to make both sellers and buyers happy. You might even have seen some 15% extra discounts off your orders when they are affiliated.

While affiliate marketing is good, you might want to control it all and earn 100% on your orders – outside Legiit charges. If that’s you, you need a Legiit premium subscription. With it, you can toggle on and off the option to affiliate your services.

However, you should still have a way to appreciate those who recommend your services to their friends and business partners. Perhaps you can send them special discounts.

In summary, a Legiit subscription helps you and your business to scale up without unnecessarily raising your prices and losing out to your competition. Besides, the badge of Legiit premium is an instant measure of your professionalism. And trust us, customers love dealing with top professionals.

That said, don’t you agree that the $27 Legiit premium subscription is an incredibly cheap investment? Your agreement would also mean you’re ready to leap, eh? In that case, let’s show you how to join the big leagues.

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How Can You Upgrade To Legiit Premium?

Before we delve into the details, let’s brief you about how Legiit premium works:

To be a Legiit premium seller, you should have your $27 at hand. Now, you can choose to deposit that or use the funds in your wallet. Either way, rest assured that your subscription will last for a month.

Before your subscription is due, you’d get a notification two days before. And even after the subscription is due, Legiit would still offer you a 3-day grace. After that, your subscription would be off if you don’t provide the $27.

Now that you understand how Legiit premium subscription works, let’s talk about how to get one:

  • On logging into your Legiit account, look to the header
  • Now, click on the “upgrade to premium” tab
  • Or, you could click on your profile and select the “upgrade to premium” option under its tabs
  • The last option: scroll to the selling tab and click the “my premium subscription” button

And that’s it; you are now a Legiit premium seller!


Legiit premium subscription is an affordable way to scale your freelance business. With just $27, you’d monitor your traffic and convert more leads. More importantly, you would be able to cross-sale your services and satisfy your customers.

Sounds like a good deal, eh?

Click here to begin the process of being a Legiit premium seller. Cheers to more sales!


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