5 Benefits of Outsourcing That Will Skyrocket Your Small business

5 Benefits of Outsourcing

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You will never be able to do it all.

But I am the best in my niche?

Even though you may be the best in your field, you may not have the talents to carry out other tasks required for your business’s success.

For example, a brilliant criminal attorney may not be so good with marketing.

And it is in such scenarios where outsourcing becomes a lifesaver. Not only does outsourcing make it easy to run your business, but it is also cheaper and convenient.

This post will look at the benefits of outsourcing and how you can outsource in the right way.

Outsource from Legiit and Enjoy the following benefits

Better Focus on Core activities

This is the most important benefit of outsourcing.

It’s efficient and wise to spend more time doing what you are best at as a business. If you sell legal services, your core business should be that, if you sell cars, your focus should be on selling cars.

However, this does not mean that that is all you have to do to succeed. Your business will have other needs that are not core, e.g., managing finances and creating owned media, marketing your services. While these tasks may seem minute, they are essential for the success of your business

If you spend time doing it all yourself, you are wasting time that’d have been spent generating more revenue from what you are best at.

What’s your best bet? Hiring someone else to carry out those tasks while you focus on your core business. 

With freelance marketplaces like Legiit, it is almost possible to have your business running on autopilot.

In a few clicks, you can hire different people to help with your business tasks—one person to create content for your sites and manage your SEO, while someone else markets it.

Remember, as a small business, it is almost safe to outsource everything but your core business.

Maintain lower costs

It is common knowledge that higher profits can be achieved by maintaining lower costs in a business.

As a small business, many costs can eat into your profits. They include:

  • hiring costs
  • cost of acquiring equipment,
  • increased needs for workers in management
  • moving into a new location, among others.

With all these costs, you may end up with minimal profits unless you are operating at very high margins.

But outsourcing to freelancers can help. It has the potential to lower your business costs and increase your profits. You don’t have to invest in hiring an in-house content writer, for example, or an accountant. All you need to do is find someone online that can carry out the said tasks at an affordable cost and let them work their magic while you focus on other things.

You can tap into Skilled expertise.

You may have a great team, but nobody’s perfect. Outsourcing allows you to get even more skilled persons in areas your business lacks. Something like SEO needs professional expertise, and outsourcing gives you access to such.

Better cash flow control

Another benefit of outsourcing is that instead of hiring employees that get a fixed salary, you can now hire-on-need basis. This helps to free up some cash that can be used in other parts of the business. i.e., improve a product, market the business e.t.c.

As a small business, there is only one thing you should aim for: seeing your business thrive. Having a flexible and adequate cash flow allows you to have enough money that can be used to utilize growth opportunities as they present themselves.

Managed risks for the business

Running any business is a risky affair. But as a small business, you can reduce your risks by outsourcing.

Let’s break it down.

Imagine this, You spend thousands on training your employees, and after some time, they quit working for you and move to other businesses.

What has happened in this case? You’ve lost your investment.

In such circumstances, you are forced to hire other employees to fill the gaps- and remember that hiring is also a costly affair.

With outsourcing, this risk is eliminated. With hundreds if not thousands of freelancers offering the same service, you can easily switch from one seller to another. No training costs or hiring costs incurred.

Pitfalls of outsourcing and how to avoid them

While outsourcing can be beneficial to your business, it also has its fair share of risk if not carried out properly. Below are some of the pitfalls that you should consider when outsourcing for your business.

Outsourcing core objectives of the business

I will repeat this; you cannot outsource your core business. 

You are not setting clear expectations.

Before you get into a contract with any freelancer, lay out the expectations.

Discuss the project timelines, quality expectations, and if there are any standard operating procedures, make them known. You should then agree on the consequences of not meeting the set expectations.

Hiring the cheapest provider

While you may be tempted to go for the cheapest alternative, it may not be the best thing to do. In most cases, freelancers who provide quality services often price themselves at a higher position than others.

What benefit would you gain if you paid peanuts to get content writing services, only to end up with some rehashed, low-quality content?

Sometimes, spending that extra money will save you and your business from unnecessary issues.

Failing to diversify your freelancers

Let’s look at this together.

After trying out multiple freelancers, you finally get the one. For months, you work together, and you love their quality of work. But one day, they vanish, and you are left stranded. As a result, some aspects of your business have to stall for a while- consequentially, revenue generation goes down.

This overdependence on a single freelancer can be detrimental to your business. As a smart business owner, ensure that you have two or more freelancers who can get the job done in case one fails to deliver.

Your business has room to grow.

Your small business has the potential to grow, but this can only be achieved if you make smart decisions.

One of the easiest ways to scale your business is by outsourcing some tasks to professionals on Legiit.

Ready to get started?

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