Conversion Checklist For Your Legiit Service Page

conversion checklist

If you are struggling to get more orders on Legiit, maybe your service page needs a makeover. 

We have put together this conversion checklist to help Legiit freelancers identify and correct some of the biggest factors that could be keeping customers from hitting that Add to Cart button.

11-Point Conversion Checklist For Freelancers

Open up one of your worst selling services and go through this conversion checklist top to bottom. Take notes, make changes, and do everything you can to sell, sell, sell.

#1 Do You Have a High Quality Service Image?

Your image should look clean, crisp, and convincing from both the category pages and your actual service page. Make sure to check both.

If it’s grainy, blurry, or cut off, it’s going to give potential customers a poor first impression of you. If you are sloppy or lazy with your own business, why should they trust you with theirs?

For more information, you may want to check out our list of Best Practices For Service Thumbnails.

Or, if you don’t fancy yourself a graphic designer, you could always hire one of the other talented freelancers on Legiit to create your images for you.

Browse Graphic Designers on Legiit

#2 Do Your Service Title and Subtitle Attract Attention?

After your thumbnail, browsing customers are going to be reading your service title and subtitle. These should provide a clear indication of what you offer, set you apart from the competition, and build trust.

You only have so much space, so use your words wisely. Don’t make your subtitle just a repeat of your title. 

And don’t waste valuable words on empty phrases like “I will provide…” It’s your service. Of course we know you’ll provide it!

#3 Do You Highlight The Customer’s Problem?

Now it’s time to look at your sales copy. It’s not enough to simply tell the customer what they are buying.

Every potential client has a problem that needs a solution. They want to know that you understand that problem. So one of the first things your service description should do is make them really feel those pain points. 

Put the problem in their face and agitate it. Like this:

You’ve probably spent hours filling out business citations. Or maybe you outsourced the task to someone charging peanuts and had to suffer through correcting hundreds of mistakes on dozens of directories.

#4 Do You Show How You Can Solve That Problem?

Of course, once you’ve agitated the client’s problem, you need to show them that you are the solution:

I had so many clients SEO that I couldn’t build all the citations myself. And I was sick and tired of poorly outsourced results. So I trained my own team to do it for me. And they’ve gotten so good, and so efficient, that now I’m ready to offer their expertise to YOU.

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#5 Do You Overcome Customer Objections?

Customers naturally have objections: the questions, concerns, and insecurities that you NEED to overcome in order to win them over. It’s going to be different for every industry, so think about your specific service and all of the reasons someone might NOT buy it.

  • When an agency owner hires a freelance writer for one of their client sites, they don’t want to risk being embarrassed with grammatical mistakes.
  • When an affiliate marketer orders backlinks, they don’t want spammy links that will harm their rankings.
  • When a business hires a graphic designer, they don’t want to spend hours confirming image sizes, resolution requirements, etc.


Think about what objections your customers have and find ways to overcome them. 

#6 Do You Tell The Customer Exactly What They Are Getting?

Of course, amidst all this fancy sales copywriting, you do have to let the customer know what they are buying. 

Make it 100% clear what they are getting and what they are NOT getting. This is your chance to manage expectations so that they don’t end up unhappy and leave a bad review.

#7 Do You Use Proper Grammar and Formatting?

Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be free of obvious glaring issues. Poor writing is just unprofessional and turns potential clients away.

Even if you don’t know a subject from a predicate, you can still make sure that your writing is free of extra spaces, that your sentences are capitalized, and that you’re not changing font size and color without any clear reason.

However, there are some grammatical errors that are more glaring than others. Here are a few resources to show you how to overcome them:


If you aren’t a grammar wiz and don’t feel like becoming one, that’s okay! You can probably hire one of the freelance writers on Legiit just for the purposes of editing your service descriptions.

#8 Do You Offer Any Social Proof?

Social proof makes sales. It’s one of the quickest ways to overcome customer objections and build trust.

If you have customer reviews, testimonials, or similar praise to share, embed some into your service description.

Even if you are new to freelancing, find a reason for clients to trust you. Share samples, screenshots, or whatever else it takes to earn their business.

#9 Did You Price Yourself Appropriately?

Pricing is a tough game of trial and error.

Too low and customers might think your quality is poor.

Too high and they have no reason to choose you over the competition.

You will have to experiment a lot to find the best price for you. But you have to do your research, too. Look at competitors who offer the same or very similar services. Then look at their track record (reviews, on-time delivery percentage, social proof, etc.). 

If the competition is giving customers more reasons to buy from them, you probably aren’t going to be able to charge comparable prices until you build more trust.

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#10 Did You Fill Out Your Seller Profile?

It’s a little oversight, but make sure to fill out your seller profile. This will show up directly under your pricing packages, and many potential clients will read it to get a sense of who they are hiring.

Make sure that you put your best foot forward and use this as an opportunity to show them that you are passionate and serious about what you do.

#11 Have You Given a Reason To Choose You Over The Other Guys?

This is sort of a broad question. It’s the catch-all. The overarching item on this conversion checklist for freelancers that encompasses all the rest of them.

In the end, savvy customers choose the service provider that is best for them. They are spending their hard earned money, and so they are going to take their time and find the right freelancer for them.

So you need to do your homework. You need to take a hard, humble look at what you are offering compared to everyone else. Have you given a real reason for a real person to choose you over all of your competitors?

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This conversion checklist focused specifically on your Legiit service page. But there are many more aspects involved in growing your business and landing more sales.

We’ve rounded up all of our best resources here: Complete Guide on Getting More Orders on Legiit

Check it out, and get to work!

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