A Customer’s Guide to Black Friday Shopping on Legiit

customers guide to black friday on legiit

Black Friday is a little over a week away.

And since we’ve already offered plenty of advice on Black Friday strategies for freelancers to land more sales, we thought it would be good to let our customers know how they can make the most out of our highest selling days of the year.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday are going to be full of amazing deals for you to grab. And if you approach these days strategically, they are going to be a chance to grow your business by leaps and bounds for a fraction of the cost.

How To Make The Most of Black Friday on Legiit

Join the Legiit Facebook Group

If you aren’t already a member, be sure to join the Legiit Official Facebook Group ASAP.

Freelancers will be posting their biggest and best deals for Black Friday here. Many of these will be coupon codes that have a limited number of uses, so if you aren’t in the group you might not find the deals before they’ve been all grabbed up. 

Check Out The Latest Deals Page

If Facebook isn’t your thing (or even if it is), you will find our Latest Deals and Promotions page incredibly helpful. It displays some of the best deals being offered by Legiit freelancers, all in one place. 

Pro Tip: Use the search filters to display only promotions for the exact type of service you are looking for. 

Act Fast

Freelancers can choose how they want to run their deals. But most promotions are going to be running for the four days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.


  • A lot of coupon codes will have a limited number of uses.
  • You will likely see flash sales that are only available for one day or even just a few hours.
  • There are going to be a LOT of people shopping for deals (these are historically our highest selling days).

So, not to lay the FOMO on too thick, but you really do need to act quickly if you see deals that are limited in quantity. 

The good news is that after placing an order, you can activate it whenever you are ready. So feel free to grab a good deal while it’s available, even if you won’t have all the details sorted out for a few days (or even weeks).

Know That You’re Dream Is Worth More Than $5

You aren’t just trying to grow your business or your website traffic. You are trying to make your dreams come true. Your entrepreneurial endeavors are just a means to that end.

You are already going to be saving a TON of money on Black Friday, so don’t feel like you have to always choose the cheapest freelancer. This is likely your chance to get the highest quality work at rock bottom prices. 

If you are used to pinching every penny, consider using these deal days as an opportunity to discover why the top-rated freelancers typically command such a high price tag.

5 Services To Buy This Black Friday

You probably already have an idea of some of the services you want to invest in when the deals go live. But if you’re looking for inspiration, here are 5 great ways to grow your business this Black Friday.

#1 Nab a New Website

Have you been planning to launch a new affiliate marketing blog for months?

Maybe your business website is out of date and in need of a major overhaul?

Whatever sort of web design and development tasks you’ve been ignoring, putting off, or just unable to afford—now is the perfect time to actually take action on them. Freelancers on Legiit can help you with everything from building a new site from scratch to rebuilding your current site into something fresh, modern, and mobile-friendly.

Check out Web Designers on Legiit

#2 Speed Up Your Existing Sites

Maybe you’re happy with how your website looks and feels, but slow load times are killing your conversion rates and maybe even hurting your SEO.

(Not sure about your website speed? Run it through GTmetrix for free to get a quick analysis of how you’re performing.)

The freelance web developers on Legiit know the tricks and tools of the trade to optimize your pagespeed without compromising usability. It’s the sort of task that you might be able to figure out yourself with a few hours of work. But Black Friday gives you a perfect opportunity to save yourself the time and headache while also saving money!

Browse Page Speed Optimization Services on Legiit

#3 Rank Your Site With Better Backlinks

Backlinks can be pricey. You’re either going to pay with your time if you build them by yourself. Or you’re going to pay with your money to hire someone else to build them for you.

But backlinks are still the strongest ranking factor. So one way or the other, you have to build them if you want your website to rank.

The safest and most powerful links are also the most expensive. That’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to invest in quality backlinks from trusted SEO professionals who know what they are doing.

Check Out The Backlink Professionals on Legiit

#4 Build Up Your Multimedia Library

Internet marketers know the power of video.

But quality, captivating multimedia productions are time and money intensive. So they are one of those projects that frequently gets pushed to the backburner.

If the idea of producing videos for your business has been simmering in the back of your mind for a while, now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

Hire a Talented Video Production Freelancer on Legiit

#5 Boost Your Blog Content

Whether it’s for your local service business, your online store, or your affiliate marketing site, a blog is at the same time both a powerful source of traffic and a major pain in the butt!

You’ve got to do the keyword research, plan the topics, write the posts, source the images, edit, revise, and publish. And then you’ve got to do that again. Every. Single. Week.

So why not free up your schedule and your headspace by purchasing a few months worth of content while the deals are hot?

Check Out Blog Writers on Legiit

This Black Friday, Make Your Investment Count on Legiit

There is no better time to invest in quality freelance work on Legiit than Black Friday. Make your plan now so that when the doors open, you don’t miss out on the best deals of the year.

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