Hilarious Freelancing Memes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Today, we’re bringing you the best freelancing memes – ranging from family & friends that don’t understand what we do to late projects. Let’s dive in. 

We aren’t just freelancers, that title is so BLAH…

We have a better reputation than that.

freelancing memes

We should be called laptop warrior, home office commander, dress-as-we-please, slam a gallon of caffeine-infused drink before 7 am freelancer!

Imagine that in your signature!

freelancing meme

In all its freedom and glory, the rewards are wonderful to people on the OUTSIDE.

But we all know the insider troubles we go through that drive us mad.

So stop what you are doing and let’s have some fun with memes!

Working Where You Want

funny freelancing memes

It sounds nice on the outside, but can we really work where we want?

I bet you can’t find a place to sleep and still get work done!

Freelancing memes distractions

Last time I checked, there weren’t many cafes open at 2 am so we can finish up a project. And even if we could, the quality of our work would suffer immensely.

You see, this is why most freelancers cry in their rooms from time to time.

Home Office, Really?

There are times when I look around my room and get this overwhelming feeling of a mess. Everything is scattered in every direction. There’s no organization at all.

Freelancing makes you an expert on what places offer Wifi. Do you need to buy that coffee so you don’t feel like a freeloader?

Hey, can you guys keep it down, I’m on a client call!!

If only you could bring your 4 monitors around with you, that would be great!

Explaining What You Do for Work

If you worked for a company, it’s kinda easy to explain when you are at the holiday dinner with family.

One day, you tell them that you are the IT manager.

Another day, you told them you are an accountant.

Today is a little different. At this moment, your family will probably ask: “What do you do?”

You like to add ‘work from home’ after a long sigh and a sip of wine.

Freelancing Memes: Getting The Clients

You are a pro at writing, graphic design, website design, and sales. So…you have bills to pay now, make some sales, right?

Go find someone who needs your services… but how?

Paid ads, friends, referrals? You should already know about placing your services on gig sites like Legiit.

Ok, you have your first order, now your second… it will keep you busy now…

One day, you have to write 3 proposals.

Another day, you have to design 4 logos.

And the next…you don’t even know! It’s too much! But these bills won’t pay themselves.

I need four hours of sleep at least so I can breathe properly in the morning!! Do I look okay?

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Managing The Clients

Oh, did we mention you are all positions in your company? Yeah, you are the boss – GREAT – but also the accountant, customer service, and your own technical support!

Your client wants to change something on the project…

Another client wants to know the status of a project…

Your biggest client is now asking about your recent invoice…

Where do we submit our work so the client can approve it?

What’s a CRM? Reviews? Huh?

Getting Paid

Speaking of your biggest client, did they pay the last invoice?

Chasing the clients for money is the most stressful part – money is hard to extract from others, that is just life.

Refunds? Let’s not go down that road…but s**t, ok.

Problem Clients

We always love the clients, but there are some that make you re-think freelancing!

There are always a set of clients that proves the Pareto Principle to us every day – 20% of the clients will take 80% of your time.

Sometimes it can be hard to be motivated to get the work done, especially with problem clients who will most likely hate your first submission anyway.

Other Freelancers

We all like to work together, and most of the time we all get along.

P.S Don’t know what Legiit Monday is? Check out this guide. 

Sometimes even we need to hire freelancers – those damn cafe warriors and their Lamborghinis and fancy IG post…

Ironically, that is how we are probably viewed by our clients!

Should You Stay in Freelancing?

New and experienced freelancers probably ask themselves this daily!

I know we kinda went through all the pain with working for yourself as a freelancer, but just know (you do) it is still one of the best jobs on the planet.

We are just having some fun here, and we know the rewards outweigh the troubles.

Freelancers run the digital world, just look at Legiit – so many success stories with that marketplace.

If you are struggling still, keep the faith. Put out good work, communicate with your clients and you too can be the next Lamborghini freelancer… haha.


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