Get More Stuff Done Day 2021

Our first annual Get More Stuff Done Day was held on November 8th, 2021 and it was a smashing success!

We understand that 9 hours of non stop content is tough to keep up with, so we have put all of the days training, content, and info in a single place for your convenience.

Check it out and thank you for using Legiit to Get More Stuff Done.

The Art Of Getting More Stuff Done

Using Legiit To Scale Your Agency – Interview With Shannon Pizano

Tabatha Perry Shares 5 Things Preventing Your From Being Productive

Sitting Down With Freelancer Cristina Pucci

Staying Organized and Working Efficiently

The Major Keys To Running A Successful Business

The Future Of Legiit

Top 10 Time Management Tips

Finding & Creating Opportunity

How To Speed Up By Slowing Down

Legiit Get More Stuff Done Q&A Session

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Get More Stuff Done

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