How To Build a Portfolio On Legiit

Attention freelancers on Legiit: Did you know there is a very new feature that most sellers are NOT using right now on their Legiit Profile?

Even some of the most seasoned sellers have not started to use this new feature (at least at the time of writing this) to its fullest.

If you want to stand out more in the crowd, do this right now!

Log in to your Legiit account.

Go to your Profile.

Under your stunning and amazing profile picture, you will see a section called “Portfolio”.

How To Build a Portfolio On Legiit

You will want to click the “+Create New” link in the section.

From here, you can add a Project name, description and attach a picture or video!

Click “Submit” and voila, you have your first portfolio on Legiit!

Keep in mind, currently, it’s one photo or video per project, so make sure it’s the best one you have!

You may be thinking “Wait, what kind of photo or video are you talking about? Selfies?”

Glad you asked!

The photo or video should be samples of results you get for customers or the final products you have designed. These will act as samples… but we’ll get into this next!

Keep reading.

How to Take Full Advantage of the Portfolio Feature

This new feature may seem simple, and you may be wondering how you would use this tool in Legiit.

Think of it as a centralized place to show samples of your work to potential clients.

If you are an SEO freelancer, you can create a project titled “My 3 Month results for a client” and attach a screenshot of keywords climbing up the SERPs.

You could create another project with the title of “GMB Map Domination” and attach a picture of a before and after map ranking for a local SEO client.

If you are a logo or graphics designer, why not add a few projects of logos you have created or a sample brand identity pack.

If you are a content writer, you can create screenshots of samples of your work. You may also want to show metrics of organic traffic to sites you may write content for.

You can get pretty creative with this new feature too.

Another way to take advantage of the feature is to add testimonials.

Legiit gives you the perfect way to gather the testimonials you already have, and it is really simple.

When you are on your Legiit service page, you can go down to your reviews and click the “SHARE!” button. This allows you to download the review in a nicely edited .png file.

This works perfectly for the portfolio section in your profile!

While you are at it since you can also upload videos, ever think of getting a video review from a client? That would be a great addition to your portfolio, and would help you stand out from the rest of the crowd!

What if you are new to Legiit and haven’t made a sale yet? Don’t worry! You can still take advantage of the portfolio feature.

Create some samples of your work and add them as projects with the title “Sample” in them so clients know what they are viewing.

Hey, while we are on the topic, let’s discuss how to get more clients on Legiit so you can put more into your portfolio!

Getting More Clients on Legiit

How To Build a Portfolio On Legiit

This topic is one of the more frequent within the Legiit community. The Legiit blog has many posts about getting more sales, how to grow your business and how to keep customers coming back. We may not get into it as deep as those articles, however…

Since you are already here, we can dive in a bit to help you along.

First, people do business with people they know, like, or trust. Sometimes a combination of any of the three, but you get the idea.

You will want to start with an optimized Legiit profile. Make sure you have a clear profile picture and fill out your description with as much information as you care to share.

This builds trust. If you look like you are hiding something, nobody will feel comfortable working with you.

Next, make sure your services are very clear as well. If you provide many services, separate them so it is easier for the customer to know what they are getting.

You will also want an eye-catching service thumbnail, so you stand out in the crowd. Again, this article will not get into too much detail, but the Legiit.com blog has many detailed write-ups about these subjects.

Continuing, now you are ready to get some sales, right?

How you may ask? There is a process to it, allow me to explain further.

Legiit Facebook Group

You should be in this group by now if you are reading this article, so I will not get into how to get there in this section.

Remember when I said people only do business with others they know, like, or trust? This Facebook group is where the magic happens!

Quick Tip: Check out our post on getting clients on Facebook

Getting People to Like You

This is not your childhood anymore, you are a freelancer! You offer something that someone else will benefit from.

What’s there NOT to like? Well, for one, you are one of many others doing the same thing. So, how would you get the attention of a stranger?

If they saved money or found a lot of value in something you offered, do you think that would be a good start? Yes, it would.

Offer a great introductory discount for a service to get your foot in the door!

Oh, you will want to do this on Legiit Monday as well as the Weekly Round-Up.

Before they know you or trust you, they will LIKE you because you did a service for them that cost them less than they would usually pay.

This will convert more customers in the beginning because they see less risk with you since the service is discounted.

Getting People to Know You

This is still going to happen in the Legiit Facebook group. Yet, this one is pretty easy to do, but you have to be patient.

For this, you will want to be very unselfish. When others post services, like them and comment. Nothing spammy! Give a compliment.

If a success story is posted by another freelancer, give it the WOW! reaction, and comment with a compliment congratulating them on their success.

If there is a question you can answer, answer publicly without any expectation of reciprocity.

As time goes on, you will start to be recognized more and more within the community. This will increase your chances of getting more sales.

Pro Tip: be a customer on Legiit as well. Find a service you could use – such as a Legiit Thumbnail design, and hire someone you think would be a good fit.

If they deliver a great service, be sure to leave a review (tip if you feel the need also).

Now take that experience to the Facebook group and give a shout-out to the freelancer! Let the group know how happy you were with their service.

Think of how grateful you would be if someone did that for you!

This post will help: Branding For Freelancers 

Getting People to Trust You

This part does feel like the “chicken or egg” scenario, but in reality, it’s more like rock, paper, scissors.

The trust part of all this will come as you move along the first two: Like and Know.

When someone buys your service, and you deliver, they may leave a review…

POW: trust level up!

When someone thanks you for an answer to their question in the Facebook group…

POW: trust level up!

When you provide something of value that helps someone else grow – whether a discounted service or great motivation…

POW: trust level up again!

All these synergies will increase your chances of sales and reviews.

These steps will not only build you up as a great freelancer in Legiit but build you up as a member of this great community.

Build That Portfolio

Ok, now that we have given you some high-level insight on how to get those first sales, you should be set. Give it some time, but you will see orders come in, especially if you give a great offer on Legiit Monday and the Weekly Round-Up.

As the reviews start to come in, you will want to get them in your portfolio.

Remember, you can download them by going to your services page, and click the “SHARE!” button.

You can also start to use your delivered services as portfolio examples as well. Keep in mind, in some cases you may want to ask your client for permission to share.

Try to get clients to create video testimonials as well. This may be a hard task, but you could offer something in return such as a free service or add-on. You never know until you try, right?

If they do provide this, think of how great this will be in your portfolio!

Remember, this Portfolio feature is still VERY new in Legiit. Take advantage of those freelancers who may be “sleeping” on this and become the king of portfolios!

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