How To Find The Best Promos On Legiit

How To Find The Best Promos On Legiit

How To Find The Best Promos On Legiit

We get asked how promos work on Legiit and, even more importantly, where to get the juicy deals. Well, we finally decided to let the cat out of its bag. This piece aims to answer all your Legiit-promo queries.

And here is how:

  1. First, we will show you the six best places to find promos on Legiit.
  2. Secondly, we will provide tips on harvesting the roses without the thorns. In other words, we want the best from both quality and discounted services for you.
  3. Lastly, we will guide you through rectifying invalid promo codes on Legiit, if any at all.

That said, let’s release the cat already!

6 Best Places To Find Promos On Legiit

Before we delve into the juicy deals, we believe you already have an account on Legiit. If not, signup today to get started.

You can also see all the weekly roundups here. 

Legiit Round-up

The safest place to get promos on quality services on Legiit is her Round-up. Like the name, the Legiit Round-up is a list of handpicked services by the Legiit team.

For that reason, you can rest assured that whatever discounted services you find on the Round-up are the real deal. How so?

  • Thousands of Legiit freelancers upload their discount codes to the Round-up call.
  • The Legiit team then handpicks the cream of the crop.
  • They also test to see that the listed discount codes work perfectly.
  • And the best part: the Round-up changes every week with the top offers across the categories on Legiit.

Note: there is a condition to enjoying the juice from the Round-up. You need an account with Legiit because “the list” goes out weekly, only to registered email addresses.

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Legiit Promos Page

Remember we said the Round-up is a list of handpicked discounted Legiit services! Well, our team can’t capture all the good deals from our freelancers on just a single mail.

Else, we will bore you out – and we don’t want that. Besides, we don’t want to restrict your options; that is why we created the promos page!

Like the name, the promos page is a dedicated space on Legiit where you can find freelancer-listed discounted services. Freelancer-listed?

You see, Legiit freelancers decide what discount to air on the promos page. In other words, they might have other promos such as bulk discounts or private coupons for repeated clients.

Regardless, rest assured that the discounts on the promos page work. Even better, you can see the following essential information there:

  • The expiry dates of the coupon codes,
  • The number of times buyers have used a desired service’s code, and the number left for use, and
  • The reviews of the discounted service

That said, where can you find the promos page?

  1. The Legiit homepage
  2. If you’re a registered user, click “menu.” Then, check the “buying” tab. You’ll find “see latest deals.”
  3. For unregistered visitors, click “browse” and select “deals.”

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Legiit Monday

Like Round-up, Legiit Monday requires you to be part of Legiit’s Facebook group. You can join that here!

That said, how does Legiit Monday work?

Legiit opens its Facebook group for freelancers’ promotion on Mondays, midday EST, and leaves it open for 24 hours. Within that window, freelancers can post their services, new & old, and the respective discounts.

If any service caught your attention, you can grab its code and buy. It is that easy!

Now, you might be asking what of other weekdays? Check this:

Legiit Facebook Group

How To Find The Best Promos On Legiit

Regardless of Legiit Monday, you can always view the posts on the Legiit Facebook Group. Anyday, you can scroll to the group, click search, type in the service of your choice, and read through for the available discounts.

Say reading through the entire page is hectic. Then, do this:

  • Wait till Wednesday or Thursday,
  • Then, check the Legiit Facebook Group for the Round-up post.
  • Go through the comments on the post and pick whichever suits your needs.

A little secret: the services on the Round-up posts are what you will eventually receive via mail. So, you might as well be an early bird, especially if the discounts are limited. You are welcome!

Job Board

So far, you might be thinking, what if a seller doesn’t discount a service well enough? Perhaps you are low on budget and prefer to call the shots!

If that is you, then we have good news for you. You can take the bull by its horn via Legiit job board. How? What does that even mean?

The job board is a page on Legiit where you can list what you want, state the turnaround time, and the price you can afford for it. Afterward, freelancers would bid on your listing, and you can pick whoever suits you.

Awesome, eh? And how can you create a listing on the job board?

  1. First, register an account with Legiit.
  2. Click “menu” and select the “job” tab.
  3. Under the tab, click “post a job,” you will find a page with forms and questions.
  4. Fill the form, and click “publish job opening.”

However, know that there is a sideline to job listing; not everyone will apply. Worse case: the best freelancers for your needs would hardly check job boards, sadly.

So, what can you do?

The Freelancer

The last resort to finding the best promos on Legiit is to seek the providers. Check their services, are there additional or volume discounts? Is there any buy 3-get-1 free?

Furthermore, engage your choice freelancer, ask if they have any special coupons for bulk orders. If they do, then you are in luck.

A little warning: not all freelancers would have special discounts; they might not even offer much in your business niche.

For those reasons, find the niches that come with tons of discounted services. Fortunately, we have a guide that can help you:

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Now we have handled the bulky part of this article that helps you unearth Legiit’s best promos. Let’s help you get the best of value and price!

5 Tips To Choose Only The Best Discounted Services On Legiit

  1. Say you don’t have time for personal research; stick to the recommendations on Legiit Round-up.
  2. And if you have the time to spare, always check the service’s page and offers before you order.
  3. Also, engage your choice freelancer and test their knowledge on your subject.
  4. If possible, ask for samples of the freelancer’s work.
  5. Lastly and most importantly, read reviews before purchase – especially the negative ones.

What if, after you’d gone through the listed processes, the coupon code refuses to work? What can you do?

4 Ways To Rectify Invalid Promo Codes On Legiit

First off, you will hardly find invalid promo codes on Legiit. But if all it comes up, these tips will help:

  1. Always check that the promo code is correct.
  2. Next, see that the promotion hasn’t exceeded its expiry date and number of offers.
  3. If you appropriate the first two tips and still find issues, contact the seller. The chances are that you can’t combine codes or the seller deactivated the code.
  4. And the last resort: you can always contact Legiit support for help.

Now, we have let all the cats lose. Start enjoying the discounts our freelancers have to offer today. And remember, using a promo code doesn’t mean you are a cheapskate. Good luck!


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