How To Get More Orders On Legiit | A Complete Guide

Get More Orders On Legiit

How To Get More Orders On Legiit | A Complete Guide

If you are having trouble making sales, or want to make even more this post is your resource.

No other site provides this kind of help and guidance, so if you want to make money take advantage of it.

However if what you want to list a service and have sales magically fall in your lap without doing any work to deserve it, Legiit (or business in general if we are being honest) is probably not for you.

Enjoy and Happy Freelancing!

Here are the tons of resources we provide you to help you get started or grow:

Make sure you understand and follow basic digital marketing principles outlines here:


Here is another guide on how to get your first sale, as well as how to grow a list of repeat customers:


If you write content here is an opportunity to get free exposure on the Legiit blog:


If you do anything visual here is an opportunity to get free exposure on Legiit’s social media channels:


Here are details on how to get a weekly opportunity to get exposure on up to 10 of your services:

Here is your opportunity to get your service seen by the entire Superstar SEO and Legiit email list:

Here is an opportunity to get some free paid advertising ran to your services:

Here is an opportunity to see exactly what customers need and bid on it:

You can ask experienced freelancers and Legiit staff to review your services and offer suggestions to improve them in the Legiit Facebook group:

You can get free training from our Founder Chris M. Walker on how to start, grow, and scale a freelancing business. (Chris has sold over 5 million dollars of freelance services)

You can promote your services right from within Legiit, or via some of our other advertising channels
We will will update this post over time, so check back often!

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