How To Grow on LinkedIn – Insights From Industry Leaders

How to grow on LinkedIn a complete step by step guide

Hey, before you roll your eyes and ditch this article, know this: we are just as impatient as you with people that dilly-dally with information. For that reason, rest assured that this piece is a straightforward and actionable way to grow your services on LinkedIn.

In other words, we are not here to define LinkedIn to you or tell you about its benefits. And, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, this article is not for you. Try this:

LinkedIn For Freelancers: The Ultimate Guide

But, if you already have a LinkedIn account, are serious about converting your leads to sales, and are willing to put in the work, then you’re in the right place.

That said, here is the outline of what to expect in this post:

  • What it takes to grow on LinkedIn,
  • The strategies successful LinkedIn profiles used with examples, and
  • Legiit services that can help you fast-track your LinkedIn growth

What Does It Take To Grow Your Services On LinkedIn?

Learn how to grow on LinkedIn

Don’t Just Push Content Around – Learn How To Tell Compelling Stories

The chances are that you are already posting different content per week on LinkedIn. But frankly, what has changed? Have you seen any results?

You see, while regular content posting is an excellent undertaking, you should be selective about what you put out. For starters, don’t just post generic things – be specific.

For example, as a web designer plus SEO expert, write on specific issues that relate to the services you offer. Don’t just write about plugins; take Rank Math and talk about its impact on SEO. Even then, don’t come off as a robot. How so?

Anyone could write about Rank Math – do better! Tell us the instances you’ve used it; include case studies. What was your post ranking before the plugin? What improvements have you seen?

Numbers and percentages speak volumes about your credibility. So, include them and entice your prospect into the whole process. And believe this, your mails would soon be filled with contract offers!

Note: telling compelling stories shouldn’t end at your post. You could use it for your headline and summary too. You’re more than your job title and bullet list – let your prospects see that!

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Your Profile Should Be An All-star

You have probably optimized your LinkedIn profile. But, is it at its peak yet? By the way, what level are you at now?

The all-star status is the peak for LinkedIn profiles – and that should be your aim. And since your content is resourceful, the process won’t take too long.

And yes, stay away from the generic adjectives – instead, coin thoughtful words that reflect your brand, vision, and objectives.

Furthermore, you should address your industry and location. Is the information there up to date? How about your skill section?

Ultimately, what it takes to be an all-star on LinkedIn is following the preliminary steps of owning an account. So, do the work and be specific about the connections that you add, your comments, and the references you add to your profile.

Pro tip: if you are already on online communities-cum-marketplace like Legiit, add the links too. That is a subtle way to show prospects your reviews (positive and negative) and how you manage them.

Engage With Your Connections

This part probably sounds basic, but do you do it? Do you even personalize your connection request?

While the fastest way to grow any network is to have lots of members/followers, we say you should be selective. In the end, there is no point in having 500+ connections when none of them buy any of your services.

In essence, don’t just pile connections for the sake of the number. Find the relevant ones that you’d like to have onboard – connect to them. Build a rapport from the start with personalized requests. And when your request is granted, engage your connections from time to time.

Note: the listed tips would take time to fulfill and can be nearly frustrating. But keep to them, and you’d see results.

Now, we have updated some of the basics you already know about growing on LinkedIn. It is time to be practical; let’s see how the top guns are doing it. Then, you can learn, refine, and personalize the strategies!

The Strategies Successful LinkedIn Profiles Used – With Examples

If you’re wondering how we found the profiles here, know that LinkedIn has something it calls SSI, Social Selling Index. With SSI, LinkedIn ranks profiles across their industries and networks.

Check your SSI to see how you rank!

In addition to SSI, we also considered search engine results. So, rest assured that the LinkedIn profiles you’d find on our list are the top guns worth emulating. That said, let’s get to the details!

Optimized Headline, Summary, & Career History

One of the easy-to-implement strategies to grow your LinkedIn is by optimizing your profile. And Alison Battisby did that to perfection.

The best part: Alison’s profile is not just pitch-perfect but also SEO-optimized. She is the second result when you search “social media consultant UK LinkedIn” on Google.

So, what exactly did Alison do to her profile?


Alison’s headline is straightforward and explanatory. She didn’t stop at just the title of her job (social media consultant and speaker); she added her roles (providing social media strategy, consultancy, and training for businesses), and current company (Avocado Social – a company she also started).

Pro tip: such a headline will even fit you more, seeing that you’re a freelancer that would likely have a startup company at hand.

Grow on LinkedIn - copy Alison Battisby


Just like the headline, Alison’s summary is concise and detailed. She highlighted her ideal client subtly by calling herself an international social media speaker. Plus, she added her years of experience.

Most importantly, watch how she explained her key strengths – by including the top clients she has worked with over time. Isn’t that compelling? Better, doesn’t that prove her credibility beyond doubt?

C:\Users\lenovo\Downloads\Screenshot 2021-10-02 135813.png

Career History

Alison continued where she left off at the summary. She listed the company she has worked for and described her roles. The only sideline is that she didn’t include enough statistics.

Overall, you’d agree that Alison knows how to weave her strength into short and compelling story-like snippets.

Testimonials & Customer Stories

Another approach to growing your freelance business on LinkedIn is to share your testimonials. Those reviews you have gathered, share them! People love relatable stories, especially the one about how a startup is helping its clients achieve their goals. How did we know?

Well, this strategy is what UPS uses on LinkedIn. And it has helped the brand accumulate over 1.3million followers. But what exactly does UPS do?

C:\Users\lenovo\Downloads\Screenshot 2021-10-02 141501.png

UPS centers its content on customer relationships. For example, a look at their headline shows how they celebrate key events with their clients.

C:\Users\lenovo\Downloads\Screenshot 2021-10-02 142119.png

Another thing UPS does is hand out the kind of content LinkedIn audience likes – shareable photos and short videos. And they do so to talk about community development and all ranges of things their customers love. They really are masters of the craft!

Pro tip: while you might not go out to remote areas for your videos like UPS, you can share the video testimonials from your customer.

Post Advanced Topics In Your Industry

Earlier, we mentioned that content should include stories and be unique. Well, that is what BlackRock does. The company writes niche posts about advanced ideas in the investment/finance industry. And because of that, they have accumulated millions in sales from LinkedIn.

So, what exactly does BlackRock do?

C:\Users\lenovo\Downloads\Screenshot 2021-10-02 144113.png

This company writes compelling blog posts about niche topics that are often user-generated. Then, they share a link to that blog post on LinkedIn with an attention-grabbing heading.

Ultimately, readers will click the shared link, go through BlackRock’s blog posts and eventually buy their product and services. Sounds brilliant, eh?

Note: this particular strategy is popular among LinkedIn big shots. Even IBM uses it; the only difference is that they focus theirs on product-centric posts. But you can always adopt the variances!

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Now, you have what it takes to grow your sales on LinkedIn. Even better, you have the LinkedIn strategies the top guns are using.

But do you have the time to put it all into practice? Even if you have time, how about the expertise of writing compelling posts and creating infographics design?

Bottom line: you need help. But don’t fret! We have gathered a few services that can help you scale up your sales using LinkedIn. Have a look!

Legiit Services That Can Help You Fast-Track Your LinkedIn Growth

Linked Management

The chances are that you’d like to focus only on your job – build web, etc. If that’s you, Design_Bright has a whole range of services for you. And it doesn’t matter if you want just content & graphics management or the entire LinkedIn growth service, Design_Bright does it all!

Plus, he also works privately with our CEO Chris M. Walker, so you can be sure that he knows what he is doing.

Infographics Management

Legiit has some of the best graphics designers anywhere. You only have to reach out and discuss your needs. Afterward, you’d have attractive infographics that match your LinkedIn posts – or even banners.

Content Management

If you are not a content writer, writing might be too daunting for you. In that case, you can outsource your posts to Legiit writers. But it’s a close call – really; we can’t recommend whom to use. But check each writer’s reviews and service description to see the most fitting for your needs.

And that’s it; you are ready to improve your sales with LinkedIn. But remember, the results are not instant – especially when you want sustainable changes. Good luck!

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