How to Outsource All Your WordPress Needs On Legiit

How To Outsource All Your WordPress Needs On Legiit

If you own an agency or if you are an individual managing multiple lead gen websites, chances are you’ll often need to create many websites for your clients or yourself.  From lead gen, niche sites to affiliate websites, you will often be overburdened with creating so many functional websites. 

Everything from your site’s design, schema, speed optimization, posts, logo, meta tags and description, plugins and code integration, and theme customization need to be rightly set up. It is needless to say that a website is almost useless if the design is unappealing and does not have an effective user experience

In short, it would be a colossal disaster for an amateur to handle your WordPress website setup and design. Therefore, you’ll need an expert WordPress website designer to help you professionally design your websites. 

If you own an agency, it would be great if you can afford to hire a permanent in-house web designer to handle all your customized WordPress website design needs, but that could be expensive to sustain. 

Moreover, why spend so much on hiring a full-time WordPress web designer when you can spend less on a freelancer to set up and manage your WordPress website?

If you are going to hire freelancers who are knowledgeable in designing custom WordPress websites, make sure you do so from a reputable freelance marketplace such as Legiit.

When hiring a freelance WordPress website designer, make sure he is resourceful in helping you set up premium plugins and maintaining your site’s health following safe procedures. 

You don’t want to hire someone who may end up installing a virus through a plugin or someone who may write poor content on your website. Also, it will be an added advantage for you to hire a WordPress website designer who is familiar with SEO best practices.

In this article on how to outsource all your WordPress needs to expert freelancers, you’ll find:

Before we dive into how to outsource all your WordPress needs, let’s start with a piece of advice for newbies with no previous WordPress knowledge who need to set up a WordPress website urgently.

Newbies keep making this mistake-Don’t Fall into this trap!


We needed to first drop this piece of advice before going on to the tips on outsourcing all your WordPress needs. 

The first option considered by most newbies who urgently need a WordPress website is usually to waste time on the internet, researching and trying to figure out how to install plugins and customize themes on a WordPress website. 

If it’s not a premium theme, they’ll spend time researching how to customize it to suit their taste.

After spending so much time figuring how to customize their theme, they’ll realize they need to install plugins.

Then, they’ll begin another round of looking for how to use each plugin, probably reading plugin guides on Google. 

When they can’t figure things out, they’ll then become that guy that goes to WordPress groups on Facebook asking basic questions such as: Which plugin is best for WordPress? Which plugin is best for SEO? How can I optimize my site’s speed? Do I use Yoast or Rankmath? What do you think about Contentpress?

Seriously, you don’t want to be this guy. The responses from Facebook groups would be a mixture of fact and sarcasm with different agencies trying to sell their web design services. The experience could be traumatic and exhausting. They would have spent time testing and trying and remain uncertain about their results. 

Stranded, they will then realize that they need help. 

At this point, they have two options. They can choose to hire an agency to help them with the design, but this will be expensive. Alternatively, they can outsource the task to expert WordPress web designers on Legiit at an affordable cost.

Except you are researching how to design WordPress websites for knowledge’s sake, I won’t advise you as a newbie to personally handle a website design you need for a business purpose.

For whatever reason, you need a WordPress website, perhaps for your business, lead gen, personal portfolio, or your blog; its potential is limited if it is not Search Engine Optimized. 

Your site’s optimization begins with the mundane but crucial task of keyword research, meta tags set up, creating an appealing logo, creating site’s schema, creating site’s pages (including home, service pages, about, terms, privacy policy etc), ensuring site’s speed optimization and creating stellar contents on the website. 

If you are not a newbie, perhaps an agency or a lead gen guy who is too busy to design websites or you need a website for lead gen purposes, then you can outsource your web design needs to a seller on Legiit or any other freelance SEO marketplace.

Tips for outsourcing your WordPress Needs

Here are some tips to help you in hiring the best freelancer for your WordPress design needs

Identify your objective for outsourcing your WordPress website needs.

You need to have an objective in mind when you are outsourcing your WordPress Needs.  A clear notion of what you want to accomplish when the site is delivered will help you evaluate the work done by the freelancer. Regardless of your objective, your website needs to be SEO optimized and have a great user experience. And you must ensure this is the case upon the seller’s delivery of the service. 

Pay attention to the details of the seller’s service description.

A poorly written service description should be a red flag. Regardless of how attractive the cover photos or graphics may be, a seller that has hurriedly written a service description without taking the time to ensure everything is in order may likely not correctly handle your WordPress website design. Plus, if such a seller handles your website designs, everything may be in shambles. You don’t want to be disappointed.

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to the seller’s service description details because what one seller offers for free may be an add-on for another seller. So, you want to pay attention to these nuances in the service descriptions.

Ask for previous WordPress design projects. 

As the saying goes, “by their fruits, you shall know them” (both the good and bad ones). If you still feel tempted to hire a freelancer with a poorly written service description, you should ask for a sample of work done for the kind of project you want to do. You can evaluate the freelancer’s competence and determine if the seller is a perfect fit for your project from the sample work done. Also, asking for a sample helps you weed out inexperienced web designers

Order from a reputable seller

You can’t go wrong with buying from a seller with plenty of reviews on their profile. The reviews would guide you in determining a reputable seller. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try other sellers with few reviews but if you are outsourcing your WordPress needs to a seller with a low reputation, ensure you follow the steps mentioned above. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many sellers with few reviews who would even be qualified to handle your web design project. You just have to ensure they pass the due diligence checks identified above.

Provide a detailed brief

You need to specify everything the web designer would require in executing an excellent job. 

The following are some of the items that your web designer may require:

  • Brand colors 
  • Images 
  • Main keywords+ location,  
  • Brief about pages 
  • Font style
  • Logo and Logo’s style

If you aren’t able to provide some of the resources, such as images and keywords, you should chat with the freelance web designer so that you’ll be able to resolve that. It’s beneficial if the designer offers keyword research services so that if you have not researched the keywords to be used for the website, the designer can also incorporate that in his task. Also, it’s an added advantage if the web designer has access to royalty-free and stock images that can be used on your website.  

Additionally, you can also add a list of what you don’t want to appear on the site. For instance, you could include: “I don’t want multiple colors in the logo; I don’t want you to add your watermark”. 

Provide a sample website design to use as a template

More importantly, It’s often helpful to have a sample website you’d like your web designer to use as a reference point to understand your requirements. If you need to send a video detailing your requirements, please do. 

Ask about On-page SEO 

A website not optimized for search engines misses out on free traffic. On-page SEO is a crucial factor in ranking your website. You don’t want to bother about optimizing your website again for SEO after outsourcing the task of designing the task to a web designer. So, you need to ask the freelancer about his on-page SEO package and how it would be integrated into your website. 

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How to Hire the Best Freelancer to Outsource All Your WordPress Needs

  • Go to Legiit.com and navigate to the programming & technology category
  • Identify three top freelancers providing web design services with fascinating landing pages.
  • Ensure that the sample screenshots in their service descriptions are live projects. You can crosscheck by visiting the websites.
  • Give them a minor task, providing specific details. 
  • Look out for excellent communication and their ability to pay attention to details.
  • Hire the freelancer that delivers top-notch work and maintain a relationship with the other two if your main freelancer isn’t available to do your task due to some strange reasons. 

Want to outsource more than your WordPress needs? Check out how to outsource your entire business on Legiit

Benefits of Outsourcing Your WordPress needs

Solid SEO Foundation 

A house built on sand will not be firm as a house built on solid rock. The same goes for a website that is built without a solid SEO foundation. It can be likened to a house built on sand. Over time, it would crash like a pack of cards, either due to low traffic or disinterest on the part of the owner. But when a site is built on a solid SEO foundation, it would continuously attract traffic and will be rewarding to its owner.  I would say this is the main benefit of outsourcing your WordPress website design to a freelancer on a marketplace such as Legiit. The freelancers incorporate their expert background in SEO into every website design project.

Check out foundation link packages on Legiit

An automated process for building rank and rent websites

For those who sell traffic to local businesses using rank and rent websites, you can automate your website design process by outsourcing to a professional freelance WordPress web designer on Legiit. This would take off the burden of spending hours designing and populating a website with content, giving you more time to invest in other off-page SEO and technical strategies that would help to rank the website quickly.

Check out the Rank & Rent Website Plugin

Premium Website Content 

This is the frame that holds every website, or else the website will be full of Latin, “Lorum Ipsum”. When you hire a professional WordPress website designer, stellar contents are an integral part of the seller’s offering. Except you want to include specific details, there’s minimal need for you to worry about the content on the essential pages that you have requested to be designed for you on the website.

Check out the content writing category on Legiit

Easily Scalable White label Services

You can resell the seller’s WordPress website design services to your clients and make a lot of money. If you are working with one of the professional WordPress web designers on Legiit, you practically don’t need to worry about anything except billing your clients. So you see, it’s pretty easy.

Maintenance Checks

You will get routine maintenance checks on the websites that have been done for you if you get your WordPress website design service from a reputable seller. In the maintenance check, they provide insights into a website’s performance as well as notify you of any harmful links pointing to your website. Often, they provide these services to strengthen their relationship with you and retain you as their customer. It’s an added advantage for you because you are sure that your website is in a good state.

You’ll find these under the programming & technology category

Why you should outsource your WordPress needs

Save time from doing mundane tasks

When you outsource your WordPress needs, you save time thinking of writing perfect content, getting perfect designs for your website, or activating plugins. Plugins come with multiple registrations, and those split seconds lost while wasting time on registrations can be converted into something else.

Focus on other aspects of your life and business

This is the most significant advantage of outsourcing your WordPress needs. Outsourcing your WordPress needs means that you can concentrate more on finding clients, attending to your customers, and getting other things in your life done.

Reduce Cost of Getting the Job Done

If you were to hire a permanent WordPress web designer for the task, you’d have to worry about monthly salary, among other benefits which are not cost-friendly. A freelance WordPress web designer on Legiit would help you reduce the cost of getting the job done. 

Increased Efficiency

Unlike when you have to rely on your knowledge of designing a website, a specialist in building a WordPress website will likely integrate certain functionalities that you may not have thought of, leading to increased efficiency. You can be sure of getting additional features that would enhance your site’s performance from freelance WordPress website designers on Legiit.  


There are many benefits of outsourcing your WordPress website design needs. Aside from being built on a solid SEO foundation, it is almost like an automated process for building lead-gen sites if you own an agency or if you are just into lead generation. Above all, you’ll be able to save time, focus on other aspects of your life and increase efficiency. You can hire a freelancer from Legiit.com to help you handle all your WordPress needs.

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