How To Outsource Your Content On Legiit

How To Outsource Your Content On Legiit

Businesses cannot survive without an effective marketing strategy, and a marketing strategy is incomplete without digital marketing as its integral part. And, it is where ‘content’ comes into the picture. Your website won’t fetch the results you desire without well-written, value-based, and search engine optimized (SEO) content. 

Yes, just making a neatly designed website isn’t enough. You need value-oriented, unique, and easy-to-read content that informs, educates, and impresses your target audience while keeping search engines happy from the SEO perspective. 

Every page you open on the internet has something written on it, whether it is an article, website content, blogs, long editorial articles, product description, and more. So, who writes all this content? The answer is professional content writers. 

With that said, it is important to note that while good content can turn around your business reputation and revenue positively – if the content is poorly written, doesn’t offer value to readers, or is incorrectly optimized; it can do just the opposite. If this worries you and the question – How to outsource your content? – has been bothering you for a while, and trial and error with inefficient and amateur writers have left you with a bitter taste; Legiit Marketplace has a solution. 

As one of the premier and fastest-growing marketplaces on the internet, Legiit has some industry-leading content writers and content writing services providers offering enterprise-level content at prices that don’t give you second thoughts. 

This article will cover the fundamental aspects of SEO content and how to outsource your content. It would help you better understand the subject and ensure you land on the right content writer, getting you content that drives more traffic, creates brand awareness, boosts your search engine rankings, and backs your SEO campaign like a boss! 

Importance of Optimized Content 

In SEO, there’s a common saying, “Content is King,” because, without audience-centric and optimized content, SEO strategy will fail. Professional SEO content writers don’t only offer quality content; they provide optimized content. In simple words, it is impossible to rank in search engines without search engine optimized content. Let us go through why optimized content is so important.

SEO requires Strategic Use of Keywords/Keyphrases

The search engines have been trying hard to rank web pages and blogs based on the true value they offer. However, even after such big advances, keywords do matter. 

The simple fact can decipher the importance of keywords that their presence in the page title can make or break your chances of being ranked in search engines. Without strategically written SEO content, it would be nearly impossible to rank for your focus keywords. 

Quality Content Encourages Social Validation

Optimized and audience-centric content that delivers value, answers the questions people are asking and offers solutions to the end-users’ problems engages your target audience more actively. Increased audience engagement is a sign of social validation that Google keeps a lookout for. 

When the end-users share the blog post or a web page on social media, it sends a positive signal to the search engines. When the content is great, this happens automatically. It helps with increased brand reputation, surge in organic traffic, search engine rankings, and creates trust around your brand that helps boost revenue.

Quality Content Help Obtain Quality/Relevant Links

The importance of backlinks is well-known in the SEO space. Gone are the days when just any backlinks were used to help boost rankings, traffic, and revenue. Today, you need quality links from relevant and quality sources to get into the good books of Google. 

Quality backlinks can also be termed social validation of sorts, but in this case, you don’t necessarily have to focus on social networking sites to get backlinks. While many website owners do choose to pay to get the backlinks from selected sources, in most cases websites and blogs link back to you because of the quality content it publishes. 

So, the focus should always be on publishing content that your audience would love while adding keywords strategically not to disturb the flow of the content. When this happens, other websites link to you, and Google takes this as a form of validation. This, in turn, tells Google’s algorithm to rank your website/web pages higher. 

Google Needs Content To Rank Your Website/Web Pages

The idea here is pretty straightforward. If there’s no content on your website, what is the search engine going to rank? The images are ranked in Google Images, videos are ranked in Google Video, and similarly, Google ranks text in the normal search section of Google.

It makes content writing an important aspect of your digital marketing efforts you cannot get complacent about. Content on your website tells Google what your website is about and the keywords/search terms your website to rank/index for.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

When the content is well-optimized and audience-centric, it would automatically gain higher traction on social media platforms, enjoy increased audience engagement, gain organic backlinks, and push through the rankings in the search engine results.

Quality content is the key to achieving higher rankings, which helps drive higher organic traffic, boosts revenue, enhances conversion rate, and helps create brand awareness sustainably. 

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Should You Write Your Own Content?

Many of us drive. Does that qualify us to race on a Formula 1 racing strip? Many of us know some cooking, is it good enough to start a fine-dining restaurant?

The same applies to SEO content creation. It is a common mistake that many small businesses and entrepreneurs often make, thinking they would write themselves and save some money. In the end, the business suffers. 

Focus on Core Business Activities

More often than not, this idea of writing your own content backfires as the core business activities take up all the time. And, that half-baked article keeps waiting in a folder for days, weeks, and months. In the meantime, your website’s blog section doesn’t get that freshly brewed content you promised/planned.

It not only dries up any following you may have gained earlier but would surely give leeway to your competitors to move ahead of you. With a smart and opportunistic content strategy, it is very much possible. Moreover, if you end up writing the content yourself, you’ll inevitably have to sacrifice one or the other aspect of your core business. What’s more important?

Content Calendar – Can You Stay On Time?

Professional content writers can draw up a content calendar for you. They can write SEO articles/blog posts on keywords/titles that are well-optimized and establishes you as an authority in your niche. It becomes easier to climb up the ladder in SERPs and become a dominant voice in the industry.

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SEO Feeds on Content

Technically, yes, you can write your own content if you have the time and understand the nuances of writing SEO content. If not, it is best left to professional SEO content writers. It ensures your blog is well-fed with optimized content it needs to attract the attention of your target audience and Google without leaving any gaps in your content marketing strategy that competitors can take advantage of.

You can’t publish ten or twenty blogs on your website and think it’s enough for the next couple of months. It’s not. It’s an ongoing process that needs content drip fed frequently. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing Content on Legiit

Legiit has simple and streamlined buying and selling processes for clients and service providers/freelancers. Starting from registering to placing your first order would take no more than a few minutes at best. 

As one of the leading and fastest-growing marketplaces on the internet today, there is just about every service you can ask for. From web design and development to programming and SEO services to content writing, you will find some of the industry-leading service providers on Legiit. 

If you’re wondering how to outsource your content needs, Legiit has a solution used by some of the biggest names in the digital marketing space. So, why outsource your content on Legiit, and what are the prime benefits it offers?

Competitive Pricing

Outsourcing your content falls in the bracket of marketing activities in an agency setting. For every business, irrespective of its size, keeping a close watch on the marketing budget is essential to keep operating costs low and profitability higher. It is what ROI depends on.

On Legiit, you’ll find professional, well-reviewed, expert content writers offering services for as low as $7. Now, you might say you get what you pay for, but it is not always true, especially when it comes to Legiit. You’ll be compelled to think otherwise when you see such freelancers have hundreds of 5-star reviews. 

Having said that, there are numerous content writers on Legiit with varying experience, qualification, expertise, and service cost. Check out the service descriptions of the few top-rated sellers and contact the ones you feel fit the bill perfectly.

Once you’re sure you’ve found the right seller, place the order. You can chat with the seller on the platform itself, where you can ask for updates or send additional requirements. The bottom line is you find a professional SEO content writer at a price that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Legiit as a marketplace is as transparent as it can get. You can join their Facebook Community to ask questions or connect with relevant sellers or check out sellers’ reviews to know more about the experience other buyers had with the seller.

You can ask for samples from the content writers on Legiit to check firsthand if they’re the right fit or not. You pay what’s mentioned on the service, and no hidden charges are added during the check-out. 

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Specialized Content Writing Services

If you have a peculiar niche that needs special expertise, you might’ve second thoughts about hiring just any content writer, and understandably so.

On Legiit, you’ll find many specialized content writing service providers with expertise in various niches, including e-commerce, product description, health and wellness, affiliate articles, niche cluster writing, sales letters, newsletters, SEO blog posts, SEO articles, long-form articles, cryptocurrency content, e-books, and more, the list is practically endless. 

You will find content writers who can write practically on anything under the sun, with an authoritative voice, which will help your website stand out, establish yourself as a frontrunner in your industry, and gain positive attention that pushes your market reputation and Google rankings higher. 

Quick and Attentive Customer Support 

Of many things that Legiit is known for, its customer support has to be one of the highlights. You can reach out to customer support through email, create a fresh customer support ticket on Legiit, and through the Facebook Messenger of their official Legiit Facebook Page. Legiit takes customer support seriously, and in most cases, you’ll get a reply (and a solution) within a few hours to a few minutes. 

Social Media Community & Outreach

Legiit has a robust and growing presence on social media, and its buyers and sellers love the freedom to interact openly on its Facebook Group. If you come across any difficulties finding the right content writer for your requirements on your own, ask a question on Legiit’s Facebook Group.

You’ll be connected to professional writers that match your requirements within minutes. Before placing the order, you can discuss any confusion you’re facing on Facebook Group or take your discussion to Legiit with the concerned seller. 

Job Board

If you feel lost when searching for that perfect SEO content writer amidst the myriads of sellers on Legiit, you can post the specifics of your assignment on Legiit’s Job Board. It would attract proposals from sellers and make the selection and ordering process more streamlined.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing Content

If you’ve outsourced content previously, you already know there are a few pitfalls to outsourcing content. No matter how many checkpoints you keep, you may end up hiring the wrong provider. Hiring the right content writer doesn’t have to be a struggle if you know the common mistakes to avoid. And, it is what we would be discussing next. 

Hiring Mistakes

You might be in a hurry to place the order so that the content is created and delivered quickly. If your niche or requirements are a bit offbeat, it is always a good idea to contact the seller first. Communicating your requirements before placing the order helps you see if the content writer is confident about the niche and can provide you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Most of the time, the order you place for one article or a few articles is part of a more expansive content strategy. Discussing all these metrics with the writer would help you create content that not only resonates with your audience but would check all the ticks on the SEO checklist, improving your chances of ranking higher. 

Be Specific About Your Requirements

Even though it is mentioned earlier, this point is important enough to deserve its independent mention. The idea of outsourcing your content resides on the premise that you wouldn’t have to be a part of the content creation process. However, the amount of time you spend giving your personal input initially makes a huge difference in the outcome. Be very clear about few things when outsourcing content –

  • Keywords – Short Tail/Long Tail 

  • Set clear content goals

  • Content should answer – What, Why, and Who – What the content is about, the Content’s specific purpose, and who is the target audience. 

  • Internal linking

  • Cite Sources 

  • Word Count 

  • Formatting (H1,H2, etc)

  • Call-To-Action Integration

Give clear instructions, and rest assured the outcome would be worth the time you invested defining those guidelines. 

Extremely Low Budget 

There are many things your content budget depends on, including the size of your business, your business goals, business revenue, competition, etc. When defining the budget for outsourcing content, two primary factors come into play – time and risk. 

Freelancers and content vendors with years of experience in the content writing business do charge accordingly. And, then some newcomers might be really good with writing but may not know the semantics of SEO content writing like keyword research, strategic placement of keywords, use of long-tail keywords, editing, and so on. 

So, you need to decide how much time you want to spend on your content and overall content strategy. Some content vendors would take care of everything on your behalf, including writing, editing, developing a content calendar, and publishing.

On the other hand, mostly with extremely new or cheap content writing services, you might have to spend a lot of time rewriting, revising, asking for revisions, checking for grammar errors, etc. 

The more you’re involved with the content strategy, the more it is at the risk of failing sooner or later. Why? Because if you have to check the content for errors, add links, check for typos and grammatical errors, and then publish it, chances are you’ll fall behind the timeline. And, your to-do list will keep drowning you in backlog over time. 

The key is to find the right balance and spend time finding the right content writer who understands your audience and content goal. Once you have done that, rest assured your investment in outsourcing content would pay back manifolds. 

Failure to Measure Results And Tweak Content Strategy As You Go

Content strategy is a part of a bigger goal and is not a flip-the-switch to get results technique. You need to give time to the content to mature and get results. While it’s true that even your first blog can get considerable mileage online, typically, for the content footprint to mature and get results takes time. 

Ideally, develop and follow a holistic content strategy for around six months to get the bells ringing. In the meantime, it is essential to develop lead magnets, sales funnels, email lists, etc., to track ROI and how the content is performing. Check what is working and what isn’t to make the needed changes, else you might be knocking on doors with no customers on the other side. 

Communicating the content performance results, any changes to content strategy, and other metrics-based input to your content writer periodically would help develop content that speaks your ‘brand voice.’

Tips To Finding That Perfect Content Writer

This section will discuss some of the best-known tips for finding the perfect SEO content writer you’re looking for. 

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Content Writer Must Be Reliable 

One quality that every buyer looks for in a writer is reliability. It can be described as –

  • Ability to meet deadlines

  • Quick and ongoing communication

  • The quality of content remains consistent.

  • Adaptable. The writer must be able to adapt to the changing requirements of clients.

The best way to know if the freelancer/content writing services you’re hiring is what you’re looking for is by –

  • Reading reviews and testimonials given by other clients.

  • If you have asked a question and it almost always takes more than 24 hours to get a reply, it might be a warning sign you need to watch out for.

  • Decide the timeline of the project in advance in case the writer needs more time. 

The Content Writer Must Understand Your Target Audience

You don’t need just any writer who will write on the assigned topics. You need someone who can represent ‘you and be your ‘brand voice.’ The writer must be willing to understand –

  • Your target audience

  • Get attuned to your ‘brand voice.’

  • What your product/services do and how it helps the end-users

  • Goals of your content strategy

Check the content writer’s service description, content samples, published articles, questions they ask, the interest they show in your project, and how willing the writer is to learn whatever is needed to fill in any remaining gaps.

It would help get you the content that represents ‘You,’ resonates with your audience, and gets you the desired results, including higher ROI.

Maintaining Consistent Quality

You might’ve come across a content writer earlier who provided you with impressive samples, but the work they produced was inferior in quality. At times, the first couple of assignments were good, but then the quality continued to deteriorate. It is important to look for signs of consistency in the work the concerned content writer delivers. 

It can be checked by reading the reviews and how often the content writing service gets 5-star reviews from the same buyer. It showcases the ability of the content writer to offer high-quality work that clients can rely on consistently.

Also, don’t forget to check if the content writer offers revisions, a standard practice on Legiit.

Familiarity with SEO 

The familiarity of a content writer with SEO underlines the answer to how to outsource your content? It is because we’re not just looking for content here. We’re talking about optimized content. And familiarity with SEO principles and basic SEO tools like keyword research tools, grammar-checking tools, plagiarism checkers, etc., is a must. 

It would help ensure that the content is unique, free of syntax errors, grammatical errors, and typos. It is the basic requirement that cannot be overlooked, and how well-established the content writer is on the platform would hint towards their expertise and command of SEO guidelines.

You can also choose to ask questions directly to the seller to get a firsthand idea of how well-versed the content writer is with the SEO guidelines for developing optimized content. 

Want to learn SEO basics yourself first? Check out SEO Writing Basics For Freelance Writers

Choose a Reputed Seller

There are sellers with low or no reviews on any platform, and there are other tried-and-tested sellers with hundreds of reviews. It is often suggested to go with those who have showcased their expertise, professionalism, and commitment towards their clients by consistently delivering quality work. With that said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new sellers or the ones with fewer reviews. 

It is an ongoing process where you have to keep looking, bookmark certain sellers you think can be worthy of your investment, keep a close watch on Legiit’s Facebook Group for who’s making positive noise, and last but not the least, trust your inner instincts. It often comes when you’re communicating with a new content vendor and know if they would live up to your expectations or not.

How To Outsource Your Content On Legiit

Now that we have covered all the basics of how to outsource your content – let us answer how to outsource your content on Legiit. Don’t worry, as the process of buying and selling on Legiit is as easy as it can get.

Just take care of the few basics, and you would be ready to order content from some of the top-rated content professionals in the SEO industry. For better understanding, let us outline how to outsource your content on Legiit in a step-by-step manner –

  • Visit Legiit.com

  • Create an account

  • Provide basic details during the registration – Name, email address, etc.

  • Once you’re a member, check out the different categories of services mentioned on the top-end of the home page – SEO, Video, Business, Graphics & Design, Writing, etc. 

  • Take your cursor on ‘Writing,’ and you’ll be able to see a new drop-down menu open up with sub-categories like copywriting, blog posting, press releases, translation, resumes and cover letters, etc. 

  • Click on the category you’re looking for, and you’ll see the sellers/services offering services in the selected category. 

  • You can sort out the services shown to you in terms of pricing (high to low/low to high), popularity, recently uploaded, and top-rated. 

  • You can even check the services of sellers who’re currently online. (helpful for quick communication/urgent content orders)

  • Go through the service description of sellers, check the reviews, and connect with the few you think are a good fit for your project. Ask any questions, clear any doubts, and develop a rapport. 

  • Place order. The check-out process is simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory. 

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Outsourcing content isn’t difficult if you know what you’re looking for and have a defined budget. It is about setting the purpose of content and the goal of overall content strategy in advance to ensure you land on a content writer that can look at the bigger picture just like you.

Legiit has tons of SEO content writers and content writing services offering a wide array of services, covering the length and breadth of the content spectrum in the digital marketing arena.

Hiring expert content writers is not a marketing expense but an investment you make to lay a strong foundation for your online presence. And, you cannot afford that foundation to be weak. Trust us on that!

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