How To Diversify & Increase Your Freelance Income with Legiit

How To Diversify & Increase Your Freelance Income with Legiit

You’ve taken the first essential freelancing steps by designing, creating, and posting your services on Legiit. Now it is time to take your seller profile to the next level!

Unfortunately, in the world of freelancing, posting services and sitting back to wait for clients isn’t always enough to make a sustainable living.

The key to freelancing success is to maximize your talent and to create multiple streams of income. That is, you can use the knowledge you already have to expand your services and make more sales!

Follow our guide on how to diversify and increase your income with Legiit:

Offering Consultation Services

If you have posted freelancing services on Legiit, you most likely have a set of skills that are in high demand. Why not offer this valuable knowledge to others? Don’t forget to charge for it!

Once you have gained sufficient credibility and proven experience in your field, professional consultations can be one of the most lucrative services you can offer.

You have the experience and know-how that others are seeking. They would rather learn from a professional (you) who has been there than experience pitfalls and hard lessons themselves.

Show your potential clients through work samples and social proof that you have the expertise they need to also succeed. You can do all of this through your service description on Legiit.

For each of the services you already have posted, there is someone out there interested in learning how to do just exactly what you are currently doing!

Consultation Services Sold on Legiit:

  • SEO Consulting
  • Freelance Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Social Media Coaching
  • Marketing Consulting

Selling Courses on Legiit

To further diversify and increase your Legiit income, you can compile your knowledge about any given industry into a sellable and profitable course.

Just like offering consultation services, people will pay for your courses if there is a promise that they will then know what you know about being successful in your line of work!

One of the added benefits of selling courses on Legiit is that it is an income type that is more passive than other streams of income. As you can imagine, passive income equals more freedom.

Depending on the content and nature of your course, you can design it to be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like it to be.

Legiit has a designated section for courses under the category of “Internet Marketing”. Here, you will find a variety of courses already being sold with plenty of room for more!

Course Content Sold on Legiit:

  • SEO Training
  • TikTok Marketing
  • Make Money Online Tips
  • Building ECommerce Sites
  • Chemistry Lessons
  • …and more!

Bundle Services and Create Packages

When discussing a project and pricing with a client, don’t be afraid to suggest additional services as part of a package deal or even a bundled service.

Offering combined services as a package deal is a great way to earn more income while also providing more content and value for your client.

Bundles can be offered as customized offers depending on the client’s needs. You can also sign up for a Premium Seller account to benefit from the Bundled Service Feature (amongst other features).

Taking advantage on Legiit’s convenient three-package feature as you create your service is another way to diversify and increase your income!

For example, if you sell lifestyle blog posts you can bundle your blog post with a short blurb about the article that your client can use for social media advertisement purposes.

In this case, you would be making more income while also offering your buyer increased value with a bundled price and more content.

Think about the service your client is requesting and what work you could do to offer more value and to further benefit their project. It never hurts to offer more!


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Bundled Service Ideas:

  • Is your client requesting a professional logo for their site? Offer them your logo and banner bundle!
  • Does your client need you to write a resume? They could probably benefit from a cover letter as well.
  • Do they need an About Me page written for their website? Suggest to edit and rewrite their whole site.

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Utilize Recurring Services through Legiit Premium

Legiit’s Premium Seller membership offers a variety of fresh benefits that also unlock more opportunities on the platform!

Not only do you get to review your Seller Analytics, but you are also given the added benefits of Volume Discounts and even Recurring Services.

Recurring Services are a sure way to increase your freelancing income by allowing your clients to sign up to receive your services on a regular basis.

The best part about the Recurring Service option on Legiit is the fact that your clients will be conveniently and automatically billed on the monthly basis!

Notably, clients are also often happy and relieved to set up recurring services because they then receive what they need, when they need it, and without the hassle of initiating a consultation.

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Encouraging Thoughts

From signing up to Legiit’s Premium Seller membership to bundling services and offering consultations and courses, there are a variety of ways to increase your income on Legiit!

In fact, the secret ingredient to increasing your income is to diversify your services and to be creative when thinking of new ways to monetize your expertise.

Developing the mindset of believing in your capabilities, experiences, and talent enough to offer services such as consultations and coaching can take some time and practice.

It’s understandable! Although you are an expert in your field with experience in providing consistent quality, it can be difficult to view yourself as an authority worthy of offering consultations and courses.

Remember, if people are willing to pay you for your talents (writing, designing, programming, etc.), then others will be happy to purchase your time and knowledge so they can learn from you!

Legiit was designed and created by freelancers for freelancers! For more freelancing tips and pieces of advice, browse the latest content in the Freelancing section of our blog.

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