Introducing LegiitLeads – The Tool To Scale Your Agency Effortlessly

Finding half-baked leads with hands in their purse can be challenging. An effective lead generation strategy is crucial for an SEO business to sustain itself in the competitive market and achieve consistent growth.

A mature business doesn’t shoot in the dark, hoping to land a few sales here and there. It doesn’t work like that. No matter how competitive and saturated the Search Industry may seem, there are always enough gaps to fill by offering your SEO services.

So, how to find those gaps?

The key is to look at the right place.

In other words, don’t go after leads; go after targeted leads. You can’t expect business growth and expansion by solely relying on the whims of your audience that might not even know you exist.

And, this is where Legiit Leads come in!

What is Legiit Leads?

Introducing LegiitLeads – The Tool To Scale Your Agency Effortlessly

Legiit Leads is an advanced lead generation platform that finds you targeted leads from any designated location/industry of your choice within minutes. Its expansive search option focusing on local demographics gives SEOs and SEO Agencies a better overview of their target market.

Legiit Leads powers SEO business’s outreach program focusing on generating not just leads but targeted leads. And, on auto-pilot!

As the SEO business continues to get more and more competitive, it is essential to adapt to the changing trends and adopt next-gen solutions that give you an edge over the competitors.

Legiit Leads aims to not only get you an edge over the competitors; it empowers you to dominate the market.

Let’s see how!

Legiit Leads – Benefits & Unique Features

Introducing LegiitLeads – The Tool To Scale Your Agency Effortlessly

SEO agencies cannot function without an effective sales funnel in place. Lead generation is an integral part of a sales funnel in an agency setting, irrespective of the size.

Legiit Leads help keep the sales funnel busy because a simple search in this tool will give you a list of businesses looking for services you aim to provide.

  • Easy To Use – Intuitively Designed 

Legiit Leads is easy to use and designed intuitively with features that are useful and needed by SEOs. It helps you find leads and scale up your outreach efforts without the unnecessary clutter.

Just watching a simple walkthrough video by the creator is enough to get started. In any agency setting, it can be used by anyone and everyone without any special training.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime

As a modern lead generation solution, it is a completely cloud-based platform that allows you to access it anywhere with the internet.

So, no matter where you’re, rest assured you can access your account and kick-start your lead generation campaign without any roadblocks. It allows SEO businesses the versatility to give remote access to the employees and keeps the ‘salesmeter’ busy.

  • Training – As Easy As 1,2,3!

Legiit Leads has a dedicated training section with walkthrough videos, video tutorials, and how-to resources that introduces you to the platform.

The platform is periodically updated with new features and corresponding training resources, ensuring the members always have the answers they need before having to ask.

  • Not Just Leads, It’s Targeted Leads

Legiit Leads uses a proprietary search mechanism to extract local leads that align with your SEO offering. Your SEO lead generation campaign won’t achieve its goal if the leads you’re targeting aren’t actually your ideal audience.

For example, if you’re offering SEO services in New York, a simple search on Legiit Leads would help you find local businesses looking for SEO services. It’s as simple as that.

The same is applicable if you’re looking for local businesses looking for content creation services, website analytics, have broken/missing SSL, missing Schema, have slow/poorly performing websites, and businesses that don’t have any or enough customers talking about them online

If you’ve got a unique SEO service to offer, a basic search on Legiit Leads pulls up ALL the potential leads out there for the specified location.

Search, Pitch, and Convert: It doesn’t get easier!

  • Email Templates – Outreach Made Easy!

What makes Legiit Leads unique is not only its ability to find you ready-to-buy customers but its focus on helping its members achieve success.

In its endeavor to make outreach easier for SEO freelancers and SEO agencies, it has a set of expertly written email templates that are known to convert. So, you don’t only find the leads; you get the kick-start you need in the right direction.

You can find email templates for different categories on Legiit Leads, including for businesses looking for –

  • Website Analytics Services
  • Improving Website Loading Time/Page Speed Diagnosis
  • Diagnosing SSL
  • SEO Services
  • Schema Related Issues
  • Blog Creation/Content Writing Services

These email templates act as a perfect benchmark from where you can build up your outreach efforts and customize as you go. Close more deals with a smarter approach!

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  • Outsource Your Deals With Handpicked ‘Legiit’ Service Providers

When you perform a search on Legiit Leads, you get the list of leads looking for a specific service and the service providers from the Legiit Community that can fulfill those services professionally.

Whether you’re an SEO agency with an in-house team or an SEO freelancer looking to scale up, having a comprehensive list of professional SEO service providers can come in handy.

It always pays to offer a solution to a business that needs help.

Close the deal, connect the dots using White Label SEO services from Legiit Community, and enjoy the markup. It not only builds up your customer base but improves your network in the SEO community.

Most of all, it adds substantial revenue to your bottom line.

  • Support – Attentive, Responsive, and Friendly!

Legiit Leads offers fast and attentive support to its members to ensure any question they have or any solution they need is offered at the earliest. So, if you do get stuck anywhere, do know that help is on the way.

All you need to do is visit their Support Desk and submit a Support Ticket. You can even check the status of the Support Ticket live on the platform.

How Can SEO Agencies Benefit From Legiit Leads?

Lead generation can be a frustrating process, especially if you’re beating around the bush, sending cold emails to any email you can find online, or targeting an outdated email list. Don’t be that agency that people get repelled to just by watching its name pop up in their inbox.

There’s no doubt that email marketing works. But, it works wonders when you send your proposal to a business that is already looking for SEO services you offer.

For most SEO agencies, lead generation and conversion are huge challenges.

With more and more SEO agencies surfacing and the SEO market getting more and more competitive, there’s no doubt that you need a lead generation strategy that works. LegiitLeads helps you devise a lead generation strategy that keeps on giving and how.

So, how can Legiit Leads help your SEO business?

  • Find Targeted SEO Leads on Autopilot
  • Get Phone Numbers, Email Address, and Website of Targeted Leads
  • Smarter Approach to Lead Generation – Saves Time, Effort, and Resources
  • Maximizes ROI – Increase Business Profitability – Boost Revenue
  • Improve Your Outreach Program With Ready-To-Send Email Templates
  • Helps Build a Sustainable Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Reach Your Ideal Audience – Expand Your Market
  • Generate More Business Opportunities
  • Eliminate or Reduce Dependency on Cold Calling and Cold Emailing
  • Helps Scaling Your SEO Business Effectively
  • Connects You With Professional and ‘Legiit” SEO Service Providers.
  • Adds Sustainability To Your Business – Increase Sales-Profit Ratio Considerably!
  • Dominate The SEO Market – Get Edge Over Your Competitors

How To Use Legiit Leads? 

Legiit Leads is a simple yet smart SEO lead generation platform that aims to keep it as easy as possible for its members. No unwanted metrics, no unnecessary sci-fi jargon, and no false promises!

Want to get started with Legiit Leads? Follow these steps –

  • Visit LegiitLeads.com
  • Explore the available subscriptions – Currently, there are three subscriptions available.
Starter Agency Lifetime
$47/Month $97/Month $1297/Lifetime
50 Searches/ Month 100 Searches/Month 100 Searches/Month
20 Results Per Search 40 Results/Search 40 Results/Per Search
All Search Types All Search Types All Search Types
Outreach Templates Outreach Templates Outreach Templates
Training Training Training
  • Choose the plan that fits your SEO agency’s requirements perfectly. Don’t forget to watch out for discounts offered by LegiitLeads’ co-owner Chris M. Walker on Legiit’s and other affiliated online communities, including The Profiit AcademySuperstar SEO, and Legiit Official.
  • Register, verify your email, and log in. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete the registration process.
  • Once you’re inside, you will see a neatly designed Dashboard showcasing the history of ‘past searches (if any).’
  • To conduct a fresh search, click on the ‘New Search’ tab on the left panel of your screen.
  • You get the option to search by feeding Keywords, Location, and choosing the desired Service Category.

Introducing LegiitLeads – The Tool To Scale Your Agency Effortlessly

  • You can also do a Basic Search without using any of the Service categories mentioned. It showcases the list of all potential leads you can pitch.
  • Once you conduct a search using a ‘keyword’ and a ‘location’ (with or without choosing any specific service category), you’ll be presented with a list of businesses (leads) you can approach offering your SEO services.
  • You can choose to get the results emailed directly to you from Legiit Leads by ticking on the “Email Me The Results” option before searching. (Found on the top-right side of the page)
  • Along with getting the list of leads, you get the list of top-rated service providers qualified to fulfill those services. It helps you outsource the services directly from the platform – redefining end-to-end solutions in the lead generation landscape.
  • Users can also check their ‘Search History’ and view or delete the updated results.
  • The users can find a wide range of Email Templates, as mentioned earlier. Click on the Email Template tab on the left panel on the screen, view or copy the email template you want to use, personalize it and send it from your email host.
  • The users can access the various Training Videos on the platform by clicking on the ‘Training’ section.
  • For any reason, if you feel lost or are stuck anywhere, you can click on the ‘Support’ tab and raise a Support Ticket. Rest assured of getting quick answers and solutions within hours, never exceeding 24 hours!
  • Users can upgrade or cancel their membership anytime.

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Lead generation is indispensable to SEO business or any business for that matter in today’s competitive marketplace. Getting complacent with it gives your competitors the leeway it needs to get ahead of you.

LegiitLeads helps you stay ahead of the competition by finding you targeted leads that need your services. It not only creates brand awareness in your target demographic but adds a layer of sustainability you need to stay afloat, regardless of market volatility or competition.

Automating lead generation is the need of the hour, and Legiit Leads helps you achieve that with its simple-yet-sophisticated proprietary search mechanism. Trust us – It’s a total game changer! So, stop worrying about finding new clients and get to work scaling and expanding your business with Legiit Leads.

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