Legiit Advertising Opportunity

Get Your Service Advertised On Facebook

Legiit sales have grown by roughly 300% in the last 3 months as a result of the advertising campaigns our ad agency partners have been running.
Because we believe in community here at Legiit we want everyone to have an opportunity to participate.
So we are going to start accepting submissions for services to be considered for paid advertising.

What This Means For You

It means that you have the opportunity to get highly targeted paid traffic sent directly to your service by and all you have to do is send an email a precisely follow the directions below.

What This Does NOT Mean

  • Your service is NOT guaranteed to be advertised. Anything we feel that does not positively represent the Legiit brand won’t be advertised.
  • That you will make any new sales. Sometimes people just don’t want what someone offers. If your service is submitted, we run ads to it, and it doesn’t convert, we aren’t going to keep spending money on it. (Both of these points are good reasons for you to get you profile and landing page in order)

Services We Won’t Advertise

For compliance reasons we won’t accept any of the following so don’t waste either of our time.
  • Legiit services only (you’d think this would go without saying. You’d be wrong.)
  • Social Signals
  • Facebook likes, shares, followers etc…
  • Instagram likes, shares, followers etc…
  • Reviews
  • Any service whose title begins with “I will do X” or anything to that effect.
  • Services from people that ask when their service will be advertised, why it wasn’t, or generally do anything that annoys me or any member of the team.
  • Services from a profile that does not have a picture and a description
  • Anything that shouldn’t be on Legiit in the first place that our QA team hasn’t caught yet.

What You Need To Do

  1. Send an email to jessica.deis@legiit.com with the subject line “Legiit Advertising Submission” if it is not that EXACTLY (without the quotes) it won’t be considered.
  2. Send a NON AFFILIATE link to your service
  3. Please do not send the same service more than once
That’s it. This is an amazing opportunity for those of you that have had a hard time getting started, or for those that want to scale.
If you have any questions about this, and only this, please ask them in the comments of this post.
Thanks everyone.

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