Legiit Weekly Roundup 8/14/2020

Good afternoon Legiit community!

Check out the awesome new feature we rolled out this week to help our customers show appreciation to their favorite freelancers.

Here are some of the deals our freelancers were generous enough to offer this week.

Turn Any Site Into A Rank & Rent Site (Plugin) – 52% Off – Coupon Code: Secret52 (Limit 10%)

Batchgeo – Fundamental GMB Links – Buy One Get One Free – No Coupon Code Needed

Fashionable WordPress Website Design – 20% Off –  Coupon Code: spartans20

Unlimited Stock Images & Videos – Special Introductory Price – No Coupon Code Needed

There were so many great deals this week it was hard to narrow them down! Check out the full list here in the Legiit Facebook Group

(If you are a freelancer and would like to have your service included in the weekly roundup, or you are a customer with a favorite freelancer you’d like to see featured please join the Legiit Facebook Group and let us know)

Also check out some new services that launched this week:

Publish On A Powerful Traffic Site – SEO – $75

Beautiful Cover Design – Graphic Design – $20

Convert Your Design Into A Stunning Squarespace Site – SEO – $10

From The Blog:

This week’s blog post is something everyone in business, freelance or otherwise must understand, but few actually do.

Pain Points in Marketing: How To Sell Freelance Services By Solving Problems

No matter what sort of business you are in; whether you are a marketer, a freelancer, or a hairdresser your job is to solve a problem and take someone out of a pain state.

Identifying those problems and solving them is a must have skill if you want to succeed… this post will help teach you how to identify and overcome them.

And that concludes this week’s Roundup.

See you next week.
Thanks For Being Legiit!

Team Legiit

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