Legiit Weekly Roundup 9/18/2020

Good afternoon Legiit community!

Here are some of the deals our freelancers were generous enough to offer this week… the bad news is the discounts may be cancelled if the freelancer gets overwhelmed with orders, so grab them while you can!

Here’s the goods…

SEO Services

Increase Your Ahrefs DR To 50+ – 50% Off – Coupon Code: Sept$50

iFrame Stacking Web 2.0+ Map + Video Embed – 20% Off Coupon Code: RankFast20

Complete Monthly Manual SEO Service – No Coupon Code Needed

Expired Domains For Money Site Or PBN – 20% Off – Coupon Code: SEPT2020

Creative Services

Exceptional Content At Discounted Price – 50% Off – Coupon Code: TAKE50

500 Word SEO Article In 1 Day – No Coupon Code Needed

SEO Article Or Blog Post That Converts – 20% Off – Coupon Code: TOKHAY

Amazing Social Media Design – 20% Off – Coupon Code: mrb20

New Services

Tubesift Report To Fine Monetized Videos – Video Marketing – $10

Create & Publish Social Posts On Twitter – Social Media – $10

Audio Or Video Transcription – Transcription – $5

Entire List

View the full list of discounts and services in the Legiit Facebook Group

From The Blog


Everyone knows the importance of setting goals… but how do you know when you have achieved them?

In this week’s blog post How Will I Know I have Achieved My Goals? we’ll cover:

  • What makes a good goal
  • The mindset needed to reach a goal
  • How to know if you have achieved a goal
  • What to do if you don’t achieve a goal you’ve set

…and much more!

And that concludes this week’s Roundup.

See you next week.

Thanks For Being Legiit!

Team Legiit

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