ways to relax the mind at work
8 Ways to Relax the Mind at Work

8 Ways to Relax the Mind at Work   Let’s face it, being a freelancer is stressful. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to perform at 100% every single day. If you aren’t working, you aren’t getting paid. Not to mention all the hats you have to wear: salesperson, customer service, financial strategist, and […]

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tips for freelance writers
3 Tips for Freelance Writers [From the Trenches]

3 Tips for Freelance Writers [From the Trenches]   Editor’s note: Today’s post is a guest submission from Ish Stabosz. Ish is a college English professor, co-author of a published tabletop RPG, and father of six kids. In between naps and grading essays, he also does some freelance writing on Legiit. You can check out […]

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How To Manage Remote Teams

How To Manage Remote Teams From 2014 to 2019, remote working has expanded by 44%, with many companies seeing it as an increasingly normal way of doing business. Some companies, like Trello and Zapier, rely completely on remote work. And more and more internet entrepreneurs depend on small teams of remote workers to help them […]

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Legiit Black Friday Coupons 2019!

                Legiit Black Friday Coupons! We asked some of our Amazing Sellers On Legiit to but together HUGE discounts for you. This is what they gave us! Coupon Code : BlackFriday2019 – https://www.legiit.com/profile/WiredByteIT/website-hosting My Biggest Sale of 2019 !!! BOGOF Black Friday is Here !!!! Buy One Get One […]

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sales promotion examples
8 Sales Promotion Examples for Freelancers

8 Sales Promotion Examples for Freelancers Black Friday is just around the corner. And while the origin of this spend-crazy day is rooted in retail and holiday shopping, there is no reason that freelancers can’t get in on the fun.  Believe it or not, Legiit saw about an 800% increase in sales on Black Friday […]

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Write For The Legiit Blog!

Opportunity for some exposure! If you offer any kind of written content creation service Copywriting Blog Writing Content Creation etc…   We would like to feature you on the Legiit Blog, with a link back to your writing service! Requirements Write an article on topics such as Freelancing Business Time Management Mindset or anything else […]

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benefits of freelancing
Benefits of Freelancing Over Traditional Work

Benefits of Freelancing Over Traditional Work Freelancers are poised to make up more than half of the U.S. workforce by 2027. If you (like so many other skilled professionals) are thinking of turning towards a full-time freelance career, you may be wondering what’s in it for you. Why are more and more people choosing the […]

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Legiit Weekly Roundup 11/7/2019

    Good Afternoon! Welcome to this week’s roundup. Legiit Affiliate Program Update Effective 11/8/2019 Legiit’s affiliate program will undergo some minor changes. Affiliate Commissions will only be paid to an affiliate who has previously purchased from a seller they are referring. Essentially an affiliate will not be able promote a service from a seller […]

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How to Fail at Freelancing (Or 5 Reasons Businesses Fail)

How to Fail at Freelancing (Or 5 Reasons Businesses Fail) We are all about building motivation and discipline here at Legiit. We’ve published tons of articles covering all manner of tips for freelancers. But this post is gonna be a little bit different. We’re gonna look at the reasons businesses fail. In short, this is […]

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