Marketing for Freelancers: 7 Ways to Sell Yourself

Marketing for Freelancers: 7 Ways to Sell Yourself A good marketing strategy is what separates successful businesses from the failures. Freelancing is no different. Just like an auto repair shop that invests time and money in promoting itself is going to surpass one that just sets up shop and hopes for business. So too will […]

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Scheduled Maintenance On May 2nd

    Good Afternoon Legiit! We’ve been working hard on some new updates here at Legiit. As a result you may experience some downtime on the morning of May 2nd while we make them live for you. This will be happening between the hours of 12am. EST. and 5am EST. May 2nd 2019 Don’t panic, […]

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spring cleaning your business
5 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Business

5 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Business   Spring is here. For a lot of us, that means de-cluttering around the house, clearing out the garage, and emptying the attic. But spring cleaning isn’t just for the home. Spring cleaning your business is the perfect way to look at it from a fresh perspective and […]

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benefits of hiring freelancers
5 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

5 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers   Whether you’re a small business or large, one thing is clear: you can’t do it all. Your success is only going to be as strong as the team you have supporting you. But building a team doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hire a ton of full-time employees. While […]

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Buy & Sell With Confidence On Legiit

Greetings Legiit Community Since launching in February 2018 Legiit has been fortunate enough to help thousands of freelancers offer their talents to tens of thousands of customers helping them with whatever they need to grow their business. We want to be able to continue to expand and grow the Legiit community at and even faster […]

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freelance workspace
Finding Your Freelance Workspace

Finding Your Freelance Workspace   As a freelancer, productivity is your life’s blood. The more efficiently you can get work done, the more clients you can serve and the more money you can bring in. One cornerstone of increasing your productivity is finding the freelance workspace that is right for you. Not all places of […]

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how to write a service description
How To Write a Service Description That Sells

How To Write a Service Description That Sells   If you are trying to sell your services on Legiit or anywhere online, your service description is going to be what makes or breaks the sale with every potential new client who comes your way. We’ve been in this business for a while, and we’ve seen […]

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