7 Product Photography Tips For E-Commerce

product photography tips

Looking for winning product photography tips for e-commerce to help you land more sales?

This is the post for you! Product photos are an integral part of every online store. But a lot of internet entrepreneurs don’t have much background in photography.

These tips will help bridge those knowledge gaps so that you can stand out from the crowd and catch your customers’ eyes.

Why Do Product Photos Matter?

Did you know that 75% of e-commerce shoppers use product photos to inform their purchase? And because online shoppers are savvy, they are going to be hunting around.

They’ll bounce back and forth between multiple stores in order to find the best deals and shipping rates. So you can bet they will be comparing product photos as well.

Even if they aren’t actively thinking about it, product photos will have a subconscious effect on the customer’s overall experience with your site.

However, sometimes the photos themselves really do determine whether or not you land the sale

Imagine a customer browsing online for a tent. They want to know how many openings and windows there are. They want to see how big it actually is when open. And how compact it is when folded up.

If your photos don’t answer these questions, but your competitors’ do, who do you think is going to get the sale?

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7 Product Photography Tips

Let’s dive in and look at 7 product photography tips that you can start implementing today.

#1 Get Your Lighting Right

Lighting will make or break your product photography.

You probably don’t have a large collection of studio lights laying around, and they honestly aren’t worth the investment for you yet.

So let’s talk natural lighting.

For indoor photography, put your product 1 to 2 feet away from a window. This ensures that you are getting proper lighting but won’t have contrast problems that are associated with being too close to the window.

If you’re photographing products outside, choose your times wisely. Too much sun is a bad thing. Overcast days are actually the best for photoshoots. And early mornings and evenings are ideal, when the sun is out but not too prominent.

#2 Don’t Be Afraid To Edit

Non-photographers have no idea how much work goes on after the shoot. You don’t have to get everything perfect the first time around.

Fixing white balance, adjusting contrast, cropping the image. All these things and more can turn a mundane product photo into a show stopper.

If you aren’t up for editing photos yourself, or just don’t have the software, consider hiring a freelance product photo editor. It’s much more economical than employing a photographer for the whole project, and the results will still be good enough to win customers and land sales.

#3 Learn The Rule of Thirds

Untrained photographers have a tendency to put the focal point of their shots in the center of the frame. But the professionals know that it’s better to follow the rule of thirds.

rule of thirds example
The pineapple lies along the rightmost line

The gist is to imagine that your photo is divided into thirds, horizontally and vertically, thereby creating 9 equal sections in the frame.

In order to achieve the best effect, position your focus along the imaginary lines that divide the frame. Ideally, put it at one of the intersections.

#4 Use Multiple Angles

There are two reasons to shoot every product from a bunch of angles:

First, you will just have a better chance to get a good shot. If you only take one photo, and it doesn’t look good once you’ve got it on your site, you are back to ground zero.

Second, customers generally want to see the product from all angles. If it’s a shirt, they want to see the front and back design. If it’s a computer, they want to count the ports all over.

Obviously, you have to use common sense for your specific products. But when it comes to angles, more is better.

#5 Choose Your Background Mindfully

A lot of e-commerce store owners are probably working from home offices. And for a lot of them, “home office” really just means “messy dining room table”.

So take some time to ensure you have an appropriate backdrop for your product photos.

For products that don’t need to be showcased “in action” one of the best things to do is simply set them up in a white cloth that will catch the light without leaving a cluttered background.

Some products, like a lamp or a piece of furniture, are better off photographed in context. You want the lamp arranged on a bedside table, for example. A couch may be best photographed with people sitting on it in a tidy living room.

#6 Show Off The Details Customers Need To See

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And no online shopper has the patience to read a thousand words.

So make sure your photos tell everything they can about the product. Make sure they answer all of your customer’s questions.

For example, imagine that you sell kitchen mixers online. Customers are probably wondering about compatible attachments, settings, color options, and bowl size.

Certainly, you will provide all of this information in the product specifications. But you can also use your photos to give browsers the best possible online shopping experience.

#7 Beware Of Reflections, Red Eyes, And Other Photo Mishaps

A lot can go wrong in a photo.

One unnoticed reflective surface and all of a sudden your off-camera cranky toddler is suddenly sneaking onto your website hidden in a product photo. 

Beware of windows, glasses, and shiny metal surfaces as you are taking photos.

Likewise, if you are photographing people with your products, you’ll have to look out for red eye. And then issues with contrast and white balance can always rear their ugly head as well.

Usually, if you notice these issues during a photo shoot, you can just snap another picture or two. If you don’t notice them until after the fact, though, you might need to employ a professional photo editor.

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