6 Game-Changing Sales Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies

Sales tips for agencies

If you need game-changing sales tips for digital marketing agencies, you’re in the right place.

Digital marketing has become the number one sales tool. And let’s be honest, the market for it is saturated. There are tons of agencies out there, all selling the same thing.

How do you get in front of the pack without getting crushed?

It’s simple: find sales tips suited for digital marketing agencies.

Let’s dive into the top 6 game-changing sales tips for digital marketers.

6 Sales Tips All Digital Marketers Should Know

You should know – these tips for digital marketing aren’t a magic ‘cure-all’. You can’t simply put these new tips in place and walk away. That has never been how marketing works.

All marketers know the golden rule: engage with your customers. Create meaningful dialogues and long-lasting relationships. And deliver on your promises.

Don’t make excuses – show visible results.

1. Use Visuals

6 Game-Changing Sales Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies

We all know how important visuals are when it comes to marketing and creating appealing content. So, we’re not going to tell you things that you already know.

But, what you may not know is that visuals are just as important to use when liaising with existing or prospective clients. While it takes a little extra effort, it’s worth it.

Zoom presentations can be boring. Don’t bore your prospects with complicated models.

Make the presentation as simple and appealing as possible.

That doesn’t mean that you should cram a bunch of graphs and images on every slide. Try to focus on only one point per slide. You want them to get the gist of it at first glance.

Here are examples of how to use visuals:

  • Use flowcharts and roadmaps to simplify your model.
  • Bar graphs and pie charts are great for statistics and easy to interpret.
  • Use maps for geographical data.
  • Illustrations and icons will make the text easier to read and get your point across.
  • Videos can provide background information or show a product in action.
  • If used correctly, stock photos can set the tone of the presentation.
  • GIFs and memes work well too. Only use them if or when they’re appropriate and use them sparingly.
  • Animations help presentations flow smoothly. Visme is a great tool for creating interactive presentations.

Many of us are guilty of zoning out during a long-winded pitch. So, remember this when writing yours to keep your clients engaged.

2. Learn From Previous Common Objections or Rejections

6 Game-Changing Sales Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies

Lead generation is tough and rejections are more common than we’d like to admit. People are busy, or they’re not interested, or they have some other common objection.

But an objection isn’t always the end of the conversation.

Here’s how you can change the dialogue:

  • If they didn’t say “no”, find out why they are objecting. In other words, ask questions.
  • You need to learn your customer, and not sell them things they don’t need.
  • Show an interest in what they’re interested in. Empathy goes a long way.
  • Don’t just pitch or drone on about how great your services are.
  • Listen actively and offer solutions.
  • Be responsive and return inquiries within 24-hours.
  • If you’re going to be unavailable for calls, leave an auto-response.
  • Use a script. You don’t want to scramble for answers when they have questions.
  • Teamwork is important. Don’t try to do everything alone.

Let’s look at a few common objections and how to overcome them:

“It’s not in our current budget.”

Be flexible and suggest a way that you can work within their budget. Having different payment plans to offer is one of the best ways to work around a tight budget.

“We already have a digital marketing agency.”

Ask them about the other agency. The right questions will help you find a gap. Find out if the agency has any shortfalls and show how you can do this better.

“We have more pressing concerns.”

These prospects don’t see the need for digital marketing. If you want to change that, find out what their business needs are.

Listen actively and offer solutions. Explain the long-term rewards and benefits.

“This sounds too complicated.”

Break your model down into its simplest form and use visuals where possible.

“Another agency’s model is more appealing.”

Describe your service in more detail. This includes the features, functionality, and warranty where applicable.

Testimonials and case studies are your friend here too.

“It’s not my call to make.”

Find out who to talk to and get as much information as possible. Find out the prospect’s name, job title, availability, and how to reach them.

Objections and rejections are barriers. They identify a problem that the prospect has. It’s your job to convince them that you are the solution!

Over time, you will be able to note common objections and prepare for them in the future. This will ensure that you are ready to tackle any problem so that you can instill confidence in your prospective clients and boost your sales.

3. Understand That It’s a Numbers Game

6 Game-Changing Sales Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies Never stop trying
Image credit: Experts.ng

We live in a fast-paced digital age. If you aren’t selling everywhere, you’re missing out. Cross-channel and cross-device marketing are essential.

Your traditional and digital marketing should work seamlessly together. Use them both and use them well to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

Here’s how:

  • Utilize all possible channels including your website, social profiles, LinkedIn, online marketplaces, etc.
  • Use visuals! If you don’t, prospects are going to scroll right past your posts or advertisements.
  • Indie authors and artists are now using TikTok to engage with their audience.
  • Email marketing still works. As do billboards, TV, and radio. Use them.
  • Landing pages are essential in digital marketing.
  • Create a dialogue – show them who you are but don’t spam them.
  • Be humble. You need them and they know it; don’t alienate your prospects.

How many of us scroll past boring ads on social media?

The post needs to catch your attention enough to make you pause. The best way to do that? With images or videos.

The same thing applies to traditional mediums like TV, radio, and billboards. Make it eye-catching and draw the viewers in.

For radio, jingles work surprisingly well. We’ve all had a catchy tune stuck in our heads at some point!


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5.Offer Bonuses For Referrals

Referral incentives help generate new leads and show clients that you appreciate their help.

Many successful digital marketing agencies use this sales tip.

Popular incentives include:

Word of mouth has always been one of the best marketing tools. So, current or previous customers are your best advocates.

6. Show Off Your Past Results for Similar Clients

Many prospects tend to object to new agencies because of a lack of trust. They don’t know you, your company, or if you can deliver on your promise.

This is where customer case studies and testimonials come in.

You can build trust with prospects by providing evidence of your past achievements.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Have a page on your website that is dedicated to case studies and testimonials.
  • Add them to your landing page. Try not to use too much of the same type of customer persona.
  • Listen to the prospect’s issue. Use a similar case study to show how you can solve this problem.

This works because instead of selling your entire agency, you are only selling what they need.

Knowing your prospect is the best way for them to become a client.

Final Thoughts

Are these tips going to work overnight? Probably not.

This is a long game and you won’t always win. The key to success is to keep trying.

You need to take the time to build trust and show your prospects that you can provide real value.

Using the above sales tips for digital marketing agencies is the key to success. Even using just one or two of these tips will bolster your sales.

But if you use them all? You have the perfect recipe for a successful digital marketing agency!


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