7 Tech Support Services To Offer On Legiit

tech support services on Legiit

If you have even moderate technical skills, you can make money as a freelancer by offering tech support services on Legiit.

Maybe you are really skilled at a few particular pieces of software.

Or maybe you are just tech savvy enough that friends and family are already asking you for help all the time.

Why not put that innate technological talent to your profit by helping people around the world?

How To Find Unique Tech Support Services To Offer

We’re going to show you 7 specific services you could offer. But really, these are just examples to get you thinking creatively.

The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a simple process to follow to come up with your own unique tech support services to offer:

  1. Imagine An Audience. Think up a specific persona who needs help with technology. For example, grandmothers who want to keep up with their grandkids. Or college students who are expected to use technology that they don’t have experience with.
  2. Brainstorm Their Troubles. Now take that audience and come up with a list of the struggles they have. For example, there are countless college students in online courses who are required to record and submit video presentations.
  3. Develop Your Solution. Finally, decide how you can solve one or more of the problems you’ve identified and turn it into a service. Continuing with the previous example, you could create a service to teach the customer how to use Screencast-o-matic and upload the video to YouTube.

7 Tech Support Services You Can Offer As a Freelancer

You’ve got the process to come up with your own services. So here are 7 ideas that you can use to jumpstart your freelance tech support career.

Hopefully, you have the skills and experience to offer some of these. But whether you do or not, let these inspire you for all the possibilities out there.

#1 File Conversion

Think of all of the people out there who need to submit files in a specific format but don’t have a clue how to do it.

Something as simple as converting a Word document to a PDF can give certain people a fit of anxiety. It would take you a couple minutes, but they might spend an hour or more figuring out how to do it.

In addition to simple tasks like converting Word to PDF or JPEG to PNG, there is also a market for more difficult file conversions. Imagine someone who has recorded a large video on their phone. They want to share it via email, but it exceeds the maximum filesize. You could help them convert it to a compressed format.

#2 Media Support

Beyond file conversion, think of the other ways in which the technically-illiterate may need help with media every single day:

  • Transferring photos to the cloud to free up phone storage
  • Resizing images to properly fit social media profiles
  • Correcting sharpness, contrast, and other image elements
  • Faxing documents without a fax machine

All these and more are perfect micro services you could offer to fulfill a specific need for a specific audience.

#3 Software Support

If you can read a user’s manual, you can support software.

Now, you shouldn’t go out there and pretend that you are a master of every app and program under the sun. But people often require tech support for the simplest of tasks—things that are very similar across all different platforms:

  • How do I upload a file?
  • How do I change my username?
  • How do I export my settings?
  • How do I create a new profile?

Everyday people have everyday questions like this for all sorts of programs. And many of them don’t have anyone to ask.

So why not let them ask you?

We know what you might be thinking: why don’t they just Google it? But for some people, reading through a help file or product documentation just isn’t worth the trouble. They would rather let someone else do it for them.

And that’s where you come in.

#4 Wi-fi and Network Troubleshooting

Connecting phones, computers, and printers to a wi-fi network can be a hassle. Usually, all it takes is a little patience. 

But just like with software support, some people just need you to hold their hand through the process. The user guide is like a foreign language to them, and they want you to be their translator.

#5 Email and Calendar Synchronization

Even tech wizzes can get frustrated with the process of synching all of your various email accounts and electronic calendars among a variety of devices.

So imagine how much the average Joe struggles. Especially if they have work accounts and personal ones that they want to share on the same device but keep separated. Add in a phone, a tablet, a desktop, and a laptop to sync with—and they are probably going to spend a full work day just figuring it all out.

Or they could hire you to walk them through it and get it done in a fraction of the time.

#6 Virus and Malware Removal

Nothing curdles technology aversion into straight up anxiety like the threat of malware. Whether it’s on their computer, their website, or otherwise—viruses and hacks are a nuisance that people will pay good money to get cleaned up quickly.

Generally, the longer malware is in place, the more damage it can deal. So keep in mind that people looking for these services are looking for them now

#7 Security Consultation and Implementation

If someone will pay money to remove malware, they’ll also pay to keep it away in the first place (or from striking again).

You can offer to review a customer’s existing information security in order to make recommendations for how it could improve. And, of course, you can also actually implement those solutions.

This could be as simple as installing Wordfence on their website or helping them set up a password manager so that they aren’t using the same unsecure password on every single account they have.

Check Out What Tech Support Services On Legiit Other Freelancers Are Offering

If you think you have what it takes to offer tech support services, it’s time to start thinking of what you bring to the table. Use this post as a guide to help you plan your first services. And be sure to pop over to the Tech Support category page on Legiit to see what other freelancers are doing.

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