Ways To Use Instagram Reels Marketing To Promote Your eCommerce Brand

Ways To Use Instagram Reels Marketing To Promote Your eCommerce Brand

Todays article is a guest post By Vaibhav Kakkar by the Founder and CEO of Digital Web Solutions, a globally trusted agency with a full suite of digital marketing services and development solutions. Vaibhav believes in building system over services, and has helped scale up agencies from scratch to niche leaders with million-dollar turnovers.” 

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts the audience with content they don’t always want, inbound marketing forms connections they are looking for and solves problems they already have.

It involves the production of customer-centered content that is engaging, attractive and delightful. This way brands can indulge in creative and innovative content, and step out of the corporate cubicle.

Inbound marketing guide provides many details as to ways a brand can reach its target audience. It analyzes buyer personas that are tied to content creation and development.

To attract your audience members on a deeper level, the inbound marketing guide explains ways to optimize the content with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies through an SEO agency. An SEO strategy involves targeting specific keywords and phrases, related to the products or services.

Using Reels for marketing purposes is a great inbound marketing guide to the wonders of inbound marketing.

Here are some ways a brand can use these techniques and grow:

Showcase your brand

Making reels helps the brand to reach an audience that was untapped before as Reels are visible to everyone, irrespective of whether the viewer has subscribed to the brand or not.

This is gold!

Now, a brand can connect with the customers on a personal basis, provide explanations, introduce unique features and clear their doubts.

This will make the customers empathize with the brand and form a more human connection with it. Companies can showcase the product along with the work culture, highlighting the efforts of the employees.

To help the algorithm understand what the content is about and serve it to the right audiences, brands can use hashtags, text overlay, and write descriptive captions. It can use reels to show how people’s lives would be without the products or show how a specific product adds to the shoppers’ life.

Educational Content

Ways To Use Instagram Reels Marketing To Promote Your eCommerce Brand

Creating educational content is a great way to start on Reels. This way companies can educate people about their brand, without making it about their products. This is a subtle but apparent strategy.

One does not need to create brand new content to publish on Reels. Existing content can be turned into Reels-friendly posts and used for marketing.

The companies can pair it with lead magnets and newsletters, which will then help move viewers to the main website as well.

Describe your story

Every brand has a story. And it is special and unique for all. Telling that story is a great way to connect with the customer base meaningfully.

Instagram Reels helps share this story in both fun and authentic ways. As sometimes only a video can achieve an effect, that writing can only describe. Instead of going to an About Page on a website and reading through a brand story, a prospect can watch a dynamic story on Reels.

When sharing the background story about the brand, remember to present it in a simple, authentic and warm manner. The purpose is to be genuine and not salesy.

Including music, creative content, photos, case studies, and everything that adds to the story helps enhance its effect and builds relationships.

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Behind-The-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content on Instagram helps build a long-term relationship between the brand and the consumers. It helps the brand’s followers to take a closer look and understand what it is and why it sells what it does.

This opportunity through reels helps showcase the brand’s expertise and enables the customers to feel like they know, like and trust the producer.

Some behind-the-scenes ideas that can be tried:

  • Share the process of choosing materials for the product
  • Share the process of making products
  • Share the day-to-day life of production team

This look inside the brand helps make the brand more relatable. Viewers would perceive the brand to be more transparent meaning they have nothing to hide which in turn will make the consumer want to be associated with it. These behind the scenes can also include peeks into how the production team collaborates or the culture that is followed among the team members.

Offer Exclusive Discount Codes to Reel Watchers

This is a great way to ensure viewership, as the promise of something in return will motivate people to keep an eye out for the brand’s promotions. Companies can opt for a fun and engaging way to announce a new product or share a seasonal sale through reels, and drive more customers who are eager to shop at the store.

This will create enthusiasm and engage the viewers. Using giveaways can increase followers for the brand and is a great way to get the word out. It creates buzz and a surprise giveaway can truly jump the viewer count quickly.

User generated content

Sharing user-generated content is the biggest selling point for any brand. It facilitates authenticity. Like behind the

scene creation can boost a brand’s authenticity, leveraging user-generated content also serves as a helping hand.

It will help increase visibility and engagement rates. Moreover, the masses are very creative and come up with very innovative ideas that will add to popularity. Branda can also partner with influencers to create videos where they use certain products for promotions.

Such videos also help build credibility when remote and diverse users can be shown using the brand’s products. The raw truth and honest reactions help cement trust.

Influence and inspire

Instagram influences 80% of the buyers’ decisions. Then why not use Instagram Reels marketing for that? Social media is an excellent platform for influencing, inspiring, engaging, and even educating people.

The lack of strict rules opens up many doors for creativity and helps create a welcoming space for people to do things blissfully and voluntarily.


This is why brand owners should always look for a trustable SEO agency that can help them pinpoint the key areas where the company could supposedly be losing traffic along with areas where it could gain traffic. An agency with a tested and mastered inbound marketing guide that can help generate intelligent data through detailed analysis.

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