Weekly Roundup 6/19/2020

Good afternoon Legiit community! 

Elementor Pro Web Design – 20% Off – Coupon Code: FREE20

Professional WordPress Design 50% Off – No Coupon Code Needed

Google My Business Optimization – 20% Off – Coupon Code: GMB2020

There were so many great deals this week it was hard to narrow them down! Check out the full list here in the Legiit Facebook Group

(If you are a freelancer and would like to have your service included in the weekly roundup, or you are a customer with a favorite freelancer you’d like to see featured please join the Legiit Facebook Group and let us know)

Also check out some new services that launched this week:

Recover From Google Penalty – SEO – $200 

Responsive Mobile App Prototype – App Development – $30

Backlinks Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post etc… – SEO – $140

From The Blog:

This Week’s post addresses a real problem that freelancers and everyone that works at a desk has.

Staying Active At A Desk Job: Hot To Stay Fit While You Sit

There can be serious health consequences if you sit at a desk all day and don’t take care of yourself. This post will help begin the process of fixing that.

And that concludes this week’s Roundup.

See you next week.

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