Why Is A Logo Important?

If you are just launching your business, or if you are in the re-branding stage, you may be wondering Why is a logo important?

You might think that you can get away with some “fancy” word art with a 5-minute hack job on MS Paint. But there are lots of reasons to consider at least spending a little bit of money on professional logo design.

Even if you are just running a small internet business, your logo is important. Let’s see why.

7 Reasons To Invest In A Good Logo

#1 Your Logo Expresses Your Brand

Your branding is more than just your color scheme. It is the experience that customers have with your company. The feelings that it evokes. The memories it creates.

And your logo is one of the central expressions of your branding.

Combined with your website and graphic design, social media personality, and other elements of your brand, your logo helps tell a focused story about your company’s mission and values.

Take the Legiit logo for example. The checked box tells visitors that this is where they come to get more stuff done. And the double i’s are intentionally designed to look like people to reinforce our commitment to community.

#2 Your Logo Sets You Apart

One answer to the question of why is a logo important centers on your competition. Professional logo design is going to place you in the same category as your competition while still setting you apart from them.

Home Depot’s logo, for example, uses a stenciled font to bring to mind a boxed crate—perfect imagery for construction and DIY projects.

home depot logo

Lowe’s, on the other hand, communicates their focus on home improvement by using a clearly defined building as a backdrop.

lowes logo

Both logos categorize their respective companies, but stand apart from each other as unique, individual brands.

#3 A Good Logo Makes A Good First Impression

Nothing turns a potential customer away like an unprofessional logo.

Imagine you own a plumbing company and someone lands on your website only to find a hastily thrown together, unartistic logo. They might worry that if you aren’t willing to invest in decent graphic design then you will be equally stingy with parts and equipment you order.

Even a simple affiliate site can lose conversions with a shoddy logo. It is one of many trust factors that you need to use to give your visitors confidence in your offers.

#4 A Logo Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

All this talk of investing in your logo may be putting you off a bit.

But one of the reasons that a good logo is worth your while is because they really aren’t that expensive.

Take a look at some of the logo design services that the freelancers at Legiit are offering and you will see that you can acquire a very suitable logo at a very reasonable price.

When you are hiring a marketing or web design agency to design your logo, you are going to be paying a lot more. But when you go straight to the source—a qualified freelancer—you are cutting out the overhead that agencies have to make up for. 

#5 A Logo Pays For Itself

A logo is a good investment because a single design can be incredibly versatile.

You can put it on your website, your business cards, your mailers, your letterhead, your email signature, and more. The list goes on.

If a professional logo in just one of those placements makes the difference between a sale or not just a few times, your logo will quickly pay back your investment.

On the other hand, if you use an unprofessional logo that you designed yourself, you risk making a poor first impression every single time a new customer sees it. 

#6 A Well-Designed Logo Attracts Attention

Especially for a new business, attracting attention is important.

You may eventually be lucky enough to build up the type of brand recognition that Coca-Cola or Nike have. But for now, you can use a striking logo to draw more eyes to your business.

Think of all the potential places that your logo might be competing for attention… 

  • If you send out mailers, your logo may keep them out of the recycles. 
  • If you use billboards, it could draw more eyes.
  • If you are setting up at trade shows, it could bring feet to your stand instead of someone else’s.

The bottom line is that a good logo attracts attention. And more attention means more sales.

#7 Your Logo Builds Loyalty

In addition to the short term gain of increased attention, a mindfully designed logo builds long term brand loyalty.

Customers like it when their expectations are fulfilled. Over time, they will learn to associate your logo with certain feelings or experiences.

Hungry roadtrippers see the golden arches of McDonald’s on a road sign and immediately associate it with a full belly, for example.

You can create the same sort of loyalty with a memorable logo that pops with your customers.

How To Hire A Professional Logo Designer

We try to make it as easy as possible to hire the right logo designer for you on Legiit:

  1. Check out the freelancers in our logo design category.
  2. Browse the samples that they include in their service description.
  3. As you find designers with samples that match your style, copy the link to their service or add them to your favorites.
  4. If you have any questions you need to address before hiring, just send the freelancers a message.
  5. Choose the freelancer that you think will do the best job based on their samples, communication, and other factors that are important to you.


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