Get More Orders on Legiit Today! – A Straightforward Guide

Today’s post is a guest submission by user raazbd96. He offers a variety of SEO services on Legiit, and wanted to bring you some tips on making more sales. You can check out his profile here.

If you have been struggling with orders, don’t blame others.

I have some pro tips for you today that are effective but simple to implement.

Before blaming anything else, make sure you have a valuable skill.

To learn a decent skill, you strictly have to focus on a specific topic, and learn it well. 

An example is “logo design for restaurants”.

If you spend a lot of time learning a skill, then focusing on a single niche is key. It will allow you to become an expert in that skill and niche.

Now, I hope you have a valuable skill that could help others. If you don’t have one, just make sure to start learning one that you’re interested in.

What Is The Hack To Get Noticed By Your Clients? 

These steps work for Legiit Monday, or anywhere you do freelance work when you need to attract clients.

You can follow these simple tips, and thank me in a week.

Things Not To Do

1. Don’t talk about yourself too much
2. Don’t talk about irrelevant topics
3. Don’t post any copied proposal or post too often
4. Don’t promise anything unnecessary

What To Do Instead

1. Split your proposal/post in 3 parts. In the 1st part, state how you can help your clients or how you can solve their problem.

Next, in the 2nd part talk about some of your recent success stories with other clients in the same field.

Lastly, in the 3rd part tell about yourself, how many years of experience you have or how awesome you are.

2. Use powerful words that represent you as confident. Your proposal or post really represents your skills, your confidence, and your value in front of your clients. So, if you don’t have a decent skill that would be apparent in your proposal and it’s another cause of not getting any jobs or orders. 

3. Optimize your service page. This means you have to optimize your Legiit services, from title to FAQ option. Fill up every single option. Make sure your spelling is correct, grammatical error-free, keywords focused, and add some graphics such as infographics. 

4. Make Your Service Titles and Description easy to read, and your service thumbnail should be clear, fresh and colorful.

Explaining Point 1 In Detail

Split your proposal or group post into 3 parts. In the 1st part, tell how you can help your clients or how you can solve their problem:

If you explain the problem that you could solve or how you could help them exactly, it would help you attract your clients. It works fantastically, mainly when you bid on jobs or promote your service. So, at least the 1st 3 lines you could cover this. 

So, you already said about how you could help, now is the time to talk about how you already helped someone in the same field. It’s proof that shows what you are claiming. 

That’s why in your 2nd part, you need to talk about this (recent success story). 

And finally, in the last part of your proposal/post, you can talk about yourself and who you are. 

I think you already get my point. 

Final Words

These are the super simple tips that I could write a 2000 words article on, but I know you don’t want to read them, lol. That’s why I’m keeping it short. So, try to understand deeply what I’ve covered. 

If you follow the tips I have written,  you will thank me later, I guaranteed. Any Questions? Let me know!

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